Touched by an Angel Beauty School

touched by an angel salon and school
touched by an angel salon and school

Our mission at the Touched by an Angel Salon and School of Beauty has been to create an environment where the pursuit of beauty and excellence are paramount. We work to instill strong foundational skills and a genuine appreciation for a career in cosmetology.

At Touched by an Angel, our goal is the success of our students. For more than 15 years, we have helped our students become professionals and leaders in the beauty industry. We have three beauty institutes in Stockbridge and Atlanta Metro Area. All are fully equipped for our students. Our beauty programs are designed to provide a balanced education in a family environment with a focus on practical training under the guidance of a teacher. We are here to help you at every step of your beauty career, from the first day of orientation and beyond the day you receive your license. Our employment services department will guide you to find employment and prepare for your new beauty career.

Touched by an Angel Beauty salon and School is a private institute of education that is nationally accredited. We offer courses in:


Our beauty schools contain the latest modern equipment and we offer a wide variety of flexible hours to accommodate our students. Thank you for visiting touched by an angel beauty salon and school and we look forward to helping you enter the exciting world of beauty!

Our students at online cosmetology school, that we offer locally, receive a quality education with an emphasis on character building and developing good work ethics. Spa and salon owners in the area expect great things from our graduates and often look to our school when they hire.

A Beautiful Education

Our focus is on acquiring fundamental skills along with the personal and professional character traits that make a great Cosmetologist.


With a long history of 15 years, Touched by an Angel Beauty Salon and School is a NYC institution one of the oldest and most established beauty schools in the city. We have been proudly educating aspiring hairstylist facility for over 15 years. Hairstyles and trends have changed over the years but our core principals have remained the same. Simply put, we cut hair but we don’t cut corners.


To innovate you need to draw from fundamental knowledge but at the same time embrace different perspectives and new approaches. Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, have years of solid teaching experience, and reflect the diversity of our city. Students benefit from learning about all the different hair types and techniques.


Imagine and reach. To achieve the career that you envision you will need to focus on the general person. Commitment, patience, best hair stylist near me along with technical skills will help you meet the challenges of the profession. A hands-on approach to your training here at our online Cosmetology School will help you develop these characteristics. Our small classes were designed so that our instructors can provide each student with personalized attention and help them achieve their goals.

Our mission is to give you training that guarantees professional success and exceptional development, our careers and study plans are created for people like you, who always like to be one of the best.