Total Defense Immunity Blend Review – Important Information Revealed

The ongoing Pandmeic has caused unbelievable destruction in many parts of the world. People who have a weaker immune system are at a high risk of being infected. Total Defense Immunity Blend is a newly discovered formula to to help boost immunity and keeping the surroundings clear of airborne diseases.

The sellout risk of the product has increased tremendously after this since people are stocking up in fear of delayed restocking or shipping. Total Defense Immunity Blend is an essential oil blend that diffuses its vapors to purify the air. It can be used in many other ways too. Read on to find out more.

What is Total Defense Immunity Blend?

Total Defense Immunity Blend comes in a 15 ml bottle that aims to leave therapeutic benefits to the user. The product provides the first line of defense against all the possible pathogens, including the coronavirus. Upon opening the site, the purchaser can in the pop messages view how quickly Total Defense Immunity Blend bottles are getting sold.


Total Defense Immunity Blend has made sanitizing surfaces easier than ever before. It prepares the body to fight off infections naturally. The powerful formula knows how to beat deadly outsiders and make the body’s immune system more responsive.

Ingredients of Total Defense Immunity Blend

Total Defense Immunity Blend is made up of essential oils. To give reliable results, the manufacturer has made sure to use only authentic sources to extract essential oils. Essential oils used are:

  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Spearmint essential oil
  • Lime essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Oregano essential oil
  • Clove bud essential oil

How to Protect the House from Pathogens?

Each and every person right now is surrounded by several pathogens and viruses. But are they all getting infected? Obviously not! What is the reason? The reason lies in the body itself – a boosted immune system.

One of the simple ways to uplift immune functioning is to start using any one of the listed steps below to build a shield of protection around the house and fight off this pandemic situation.

An Aromatic Disinfectant

Use Total Immunity Defense to disinfect the surrounding surfaces, where there is a high risk of the settling of viruses. Create an aromatic disinfectant from Total Defense Immunity to reduce the risk of high-claim and toxic cleaners. To prepare a powerful disinfectant, use only one to two drops of Total Defense Immunity in half-ounce water. The user may double the amount if he wishes to have a stronger effect.

Air Purification

The easiest way to purify the air in the home is to use Total Defense Immunity in a diffuser. Essential oils work great to uplift the immune system. It stimulates the nose receptors and leaves an impactful feeling on the user. Use at least 10 drops in 100 ml of water to purify and disinfect your air.

Topical Application

To enjoy the quick and direct effects of Total defense Immunity Blend, the user can mix it with a carrier oil before applying topically to his skin. It directly reabsorbs in the blood within just 20 minutes of use. The carrier oil maybe coconut, olive, or mineral oil.


How is Total Defense Immunity Blend Helpful?

The bottle of Total Defense Immunity Blend is packed with all the essential oils that have a scientific study to boost the immune system and increase the production of white blood cells in the stream. The below-mentioned points show how Total Defense Immunity can be of great help.

  • Gives a boost to the infection-fighting mechanism
  • Acts as a super disinfectant
  • Sanitize surfaces much better than high-end products
  • The formula suppresses inflammation or any trigger for high exposure to pathogens.
  • Prevents entry of any foreign invasion
  • No use of toxins and harmful ingredients
  • Now easy to fight coronavirus and other deadly viruses
  • It soothes the respiratory tract, leaving behind a refreshing feeling.
  • Reduces the risk of getting seasonal flues and influenza

Customer Reviews

All the feedback on the official site shows how much the customers are glad to invest in the Total Defense Immunity Blend. It is an all-time product for Del H., even when traveling. Angela C has been using it in a diffuser to get relief from the pain due to cold. Barbara does not rely on pharmacists and is using Total Defense Immunity Blend almost daily on his chakra bracelet lava stone. To read more customer reviews, visit the official site.


  • The formula is backed by scientific research.
  • It gives 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Offers two full months to test the product
  • GC/MS tested
  • The setup is based in the USA.
  • It is tested and verified by third-party laboratories.
  • Uses only natural and purest ingredients
  • Side effect-free experience


  • Packed in a glass bottle; easily breakable
  • Only shipped to the United States and Canada
  • Shipping charges for buying a single bottle


Savings, Discounts, and Pricing Details of Total Defense Immunity Blend

Before processing further, the site asks the purchaser to choose the reason why he is opting for Total Defense Immunity Blend. Every purchaser is given ten minutes to benefit from the discount. The three packages offered on the official site are:

Deal #1 

3 + 2 free bottles of Total Defense Immunity for $39.99 + over 50% discount + free shipping

Deal #2

2 + 1 bottle free of Total Defense Immunity for $49.99 + save $89.88 + free shipping

Deal #3

One bottle of Total Defense Immunity Blend for $64.99 + save $14.96 + $7.95 for shipping and handling

Verdict – Total Defense Immunity Blend Legit or Scam

Total Defense Immunity Blend is a must-product to have for people who want to live a healthy life and stay protected from coronavirus, quarantine, and visits to the hospital. The product offers a new way to boost the immune system. The smart packaging now makes it easy to clean the home and purify the air. Since only 61 bottles are left in stock, hurry, and order now.