Top Reasons for House Fires

An accidental fire can occur when you are least expecting it. Damages caused by house fires can result in thousands of dollars of loss. This is why one needs to make sure that they have a proper insurance policy to mitigate the financial losses that will correspond with house fires.

Since fire accidents can take place, one needs to know the causes behind house fires. This is what this article will cover. Your house is full of materials and objects that can ignite a fire, and you might be aware of some of the familiar reasons for house fires, but do you pay attention to them. Get familiar with the top reasons for house fires, and keep yourself protected.

Heating Appliances

Heating appliances become a necessity during winters. However, pay close attention to those combustibles items that are close to the heating appliance. Did you know that fire caused by the heating appliance is the second cause of house fires? Some heaters may work on kerosene, and everyone knows how dangerous they can be. One needs to be vigilant while operating heating appliances, and one needs to be careful while the heating appliances are operational. Before switching on heating appliances, make sure it is in a safe place away from any combustible materials and objects.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fault at home is another reason why there could be a fire accident. It is important for every house owner to call the best electrician in Keller and ensure that there is no electrical fault at home. One of the common reasons for electrical fires is the short circuit. Short circuits can cause arching, which will lead to overheating of wires. Although electrical fault leading to house fires is not that common, but this can happen. Make sure that your house has properly installed electrical systems. If you feel there is faulty wiring, contact an electrician and get it resolved.

Cooking-Related Fires

Cooking-related fires are quite common as well. In fact, 49% of house fire occurs due to cooking-related circumstances. Grease is flammable, and when grease gets overheated, it could lead to fire accidents. Whenever you are cooking something, never leave the kitchen. Even when you turn off the burners, double-check it, and turn off the main supply before you go to sleep. Mostly home fire-related cooking starts when the homeowner is not around, and by the time you discover the fire, it’s always too late.

Apart from burners, pay attention to electrical griddles, toasters, and other cooking appliances as well. They could be the reason for fire accidents as well. Once you use them, switch them off properly, allow them to cool down, and store them.

While cooking outdoors, don’t leave the barbecue grills unattended. Remove objects and things that may catch fire. If your heated grill is beside the wooden fence, better to change the position of the heated grill because a wooden fence can easily catch fire. In case of a serious fire, don’t try to put out the fire all by yourself; call the emergency help number and ask for professional help.


Smoking is not just hazardous for your health, but smoking can lead to fire accidents as well. Burning cigarette buds falling into flammable items, such as clothes, furniture, and carpets, can cause a fire outbreak. If you want to smoke, go outside and throw away the cigarette buds in a safe place away from combustible materials. Keep yourself and everyone else safe.

Apart from these reasons, chemical fire, candle fire, Christmas trees that are kept close to the fireplace all can become the reasons for house fires. Take care of your house and everyone living inside, and in case of any electrical circuit, be extra cautious and call Mr Electric of Fort Worth