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It can be very daunting if you are in trouble and no one is there to help you out or guide you towards a proper workable solution. Everyone desires to get the best possible services of the Internet, TV, or Home Phone. During these times when we are concerned about the health of our loved ones, we are more cautious before choosing a new service provider.

It is important to keep in mind that local stores are not operating due to the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19. So, the best way to get your internet services installed is by calling the customer service department. You can get the number on the respective provider’s customer service webpage online and you can ask their representatives about the packages that they are offering.

It is better to keep into consideration all the precautionary measures to avoid any hazardous situation.  Presently, all the providers including AT&T that are providing high-speed internet services are sending their equipment to your doorstep. It means that you will be receiving all the necessary equipment in the mail. They will be sending a manual along with the package, which will have all the instructions and required guidelines on it, as it is an easy to install procedure you will just need to plug-in the equipment. In case, if you still face any issue, you may call on the AT&T customer service number and ask them about it and if professional help will be required, they do offer that assistance too.

These steps are being taken on the instructions provided by the State because it can be very risky to send teams to install the services. The more you avoid personal contact, the better it is.

Wondering why no professionals will come at first?

When you will call on the customer service number, they will take down your complete address and, check if your house is already wired or not. In case, if professional installation is required they will mention it to you. The professional installation has additional charges that will probably be payable upfront. You save more with self-installation because it will cost you much less than the professional installation.

These are just a few precautionary measures that you can take and avoid harm.

Promotional Discounts

AT&T is offering promotional discounts on all of its services that include AT&T internet, AT&T TV, and AT&T wireless services. If you are signing up as a new customer, you have an option to customize your plan according to your usage.

Since no local stores are operational, you can get everything done on a phone call. When you are looking for new services, make sure that you sign up for a package according to your requirement.

Mention how many devices you will be connecting with your internet

Since people are working from home these days and taking online classes, make sure that you have an idea about how many persons will be using the Wi-Fi service at the same time. You must know about the number of devices including your laptop, cellphone, Smart TV, or tablet that will be connected to your internet service.

These little details about your usage will help you to make an informed decision. In many scenarios, people usually choose a package and internet speed that is not suitable according to their usage. If your internet speed is not according to your requirement, you might face speed lags that make your work hefty for you.

The internet speed that AT&T is offering starts from 100 Mbps, which is sufficient for 3 to 5 devices. You do not need to sign up for any contract either. This high-speed internet costs you less than $50 per month for the 1000 Mbps plan with an unlimited data allowance.

Wrapping Up

You get the flexibility to choose your plan for your internet, TV, and phone service. You can have a bundle package that includes all their services or individual services, it all depends on YOUR CHOICE. AT&T gives you the freedom to choose. It is the second-largest DSL provider in the US, with over 122 million users that prove its reliability. The number of consumers makes it evident that AT&T offers great value to its customers that is, the reason why so many people invest in their services.