What are some of the top five catering mistakes you should avoid?

Catering is simple, but sometimes things can go haywire if you do not plan for it. If you are dealing with catering for a small group of a large cooperate events, sometimes, things could go wrong in a matter of seconds. In this article, we are going to look at some of the top sydney corporate catering mistakes you will need to avoid:

The mistake of not including Gratuity into your budget.

Not including gratuity into your corporate catering budget is one of the common mistakes you should avoid. You should note in many occasions, many restaurants would not mention this to you. You should note that budget are set for a reason and you should not fail to account for less than $300 or more. Therefore, it will mean that you should ask your restaurant about the ordeal before choosing them as your main caterer.

The mistake of not being on time on delivery.

You should note that being on time on delivery is another important factor when it comes to catering.  Bring food early can be advantageous but it could have some flaws. One of it is that you worry about food becoming cold or not being fresh.  In the second case, if you deliver food too late, people will become hungry. Therefore, it would be a matter of utmost importance if you will deliver food thirty minutes before eating.  Understandably, this will come with its own flaws. If you are serving food for a great group of people, you will need to have a large pool of labour force to pick from.

Not including different types of diet for your food.

When you are ordering for food, it will be important to include diverse types of diets for your food. Therefore, we should include vegan dishes, and other types of diets. This will ensure that one will choose the best type of diet that will suit you. Some of the foods you should consider including in your diet include wraps, pizzas, vegetables, and more. It would just be great if you understand the different dieting needs of your clients beforehand.

You should understand the quantity of food.

You should note that sometimes it could be hard for you to estimate the quantity of food needed. Therefore, if planning to organise an event, you should ensure you add an extra count of food. You can add two to five counts per each person. This will ensure that each person gets the much-recommended quantity of food. Aside from the quantity of food, you should understand the types of ingredients used.

In conclusion, scheduling an excellent corporate catering sydney event or any other requires dedication and time. In the process, you will need to be keen to avoid making mistakes. Make sure to understand the quantity of food, not being on time and delivery, and more. The good news is that today you will be able to find a wide array of people offering catering services.