Top 6 Super Cool Tips To Customize Your Instagram Stories In The Best Way

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that provides a plethora of business growth opportunities. Not just creating an Instagram account but also maintaining it regularly plays an indispensable role in the establishment of an excellent brand name and value. Besides putting unique posts, Instagram has added a new story feature similar to the one that was with Snapchat. This is a perfect way to keep the audience more engaged in everyday activities related to your account.

Instagram’s story feature is playing its magic on the audience and whether you are a small businessman or a large one, you can make special announcements via these stories. The announcement can be anything related to the development of a new personal website or do marketing of your app. Along with this, there are several other things you can do to add a personal touch to your Instagram account. Let’s read on further to know more about it.

Customize Your Instagram Stuff

Instagram is all about media content, pictures, and videos. You can post your favorite picture and videos and customize it according to your wish. From adjusting the contrast and saturation to applying a new filter, you can change the whole look of your photo to a new and terrific photograph.

Many of the apps have opted for the story feature, but somehow it is more exuberant and easy to use on Instagram. Want to know the perfect way to create superb Instagram stories without much hassle?

Explore further to learn about the in-trend Instagram story tips to bedazzle your audience with amazing stuff.

Tips and Tricks To Customize the Instagram Stories in No Time

Now that you are well aware of the various customizable elements, you would be wondering how you can add an extra sparkling element of customization to the stories. Well, we have shared some of the easy tips to customize your Instagram stories according to your choice and mood that will definitely be loved by your audience:

  1. Make it remarkable as a highlight: Highlight is the whole new feature offered by Instagram to its users. In all the other apps, stories are only available for 24 hours. But on Instagram, you can make your story forever by adding it to the ‘highlights.’ Your story will appear on the home page of your Instagram account below your information. So, isn’t it a great idea to customize your story till the time you want it. You may also categorize them by using the elegant Instagram highlight covers that display the respective category of your Instagram story in the best way.
  2. Create a Simple Boomerang: This is also a story feature of Instagram and is not available on any other app. Bored of creating simple videos? Then, you can make a creative video by using the boomerang. It is quite easy to make as you have to simply convert your normal video into a short length gif. To use this feature, open the story and set the normal video option to boomerang option. As you make the video, you can then, share it with your friends and family. There is also an option to save it and share it on other apps.
  3. Add a touch of superzoom effect: This whole new ‘superzoom effect’ is an outstanding feature. You can customize your video to a whole new video by adding the exciting zoom effect along with a musical theme. You just have to change your normal video option to superzoom option to capture a moment with an extra focus on it.
  4. Adding a filter to your pictures: You can not only apply color filters to your stories but can also click pictures along with some different face filters. These filters customize themselves according to your face. Are you getting bored? Apply some face filters and click some videos and photos and share it along with your friends.
  5. Add some custom text to your stories: You can simply customize your stories by adding an effective description or caption to it, through the text option. Other than that, you can also go for draw option. Through this, you can draw anything using your fingers. Different color and fonts are available under these options. There are several other applications such as canva etc. that helps in adding text in your favorite font style and then, add the picture to the stories.
  6. Add some extra elements to beautify your pictures: You can add some gif, sticker, emoji or location to customize your photos and videos on Instagram. These options are available under the third option at the top of your picture. Nowadays, more amazing options are available such as the countdown, time, temperature, ask a question, the friend’s poll and many more. There are a plethora of applications that create a beautiful collage or an amazing personalized picture.

Some Final Words

Instagram stories are an outstanding way to mesmerize your audience with an extensive range of cool features. These are the new trendsetter in the social media market. These tips will surely be of an immense help so as to create an awesome Instagram account that everyone will want to visit every now and then. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pictures customized by Instagram through its amazing terrific features. Also, let us know about your creative ideas in the comment section.