Top 5 things to look for in a home inspection

Homeownership is a journey. It is an experience that is constantly evolving and unfolding from the moment you decide you want to purchase a home until the point you decide to sell it or pass it on to your heirs. From actual house hunting to due diligence and from identifying reputed builders to carrying out maintenance-related tasks, it is a lifelong experience with multiple components.

One such component is the property inspection. After choosing the perfect home, it is critical that the property be inspected before taking ownership. Doing this ensures that you get the home in the promised condition, as per your expectations.

If you’re in the process of buying a home, do ensure that an inspection of the property is carried out keeping the following pointers in mind.

Look for crawlspace cleaning, inspection, and repair services

Did you know that cleaning out your space together with a careful inspection and repair could shed light on damage from rodents and other pests? It will also help you avoid upcoming infestations from taking place.

Only because crawl space cleaning Kirkland seems secure does not indicate you are safeguarded from any pest infestations (crawl space pest control Seattle) or structural problems. Often, the extra step you need is a full crawlspace clean-out.

Their inspectors are trained on locating your concerns and offering you details on the things that should be fixed. They will not bore you with any sales presentations or even tell you a price. We are there to gather data and present it to the local office, who can then provide you a quote.

Leakages and drainage

The next thing to examine is if there are leakages or seepages on the walls and ceilings. Bathrooms on floors above could have leaks that could spread to your home. Additionally, structural faults could result in monsoons ruining your new home.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that there’s a proper drainage system in the home with correct sloping to avoid clogs or flooding possibilities.


With the resale of homes, there can often be damage that is overlooked. This could include cracks on the walls or ceilings, broken windows or cabinet doors, damaged granite or flooring, and so on.

Every instance of damage should be made note of, intimated to, and fixed by the seller before you take ownership.


Check plumbing around the home to ensure that it is functional and comprises only quality materials.

Systems and electricity

Contemporary homes are increasing including HVAC systems, gas pipelines, and smoke detectors, and so on. Contact appropriate third-party inspectors to examine these systems for safety as well as functionality.

Electricity connections should also be examined at this point. From the miniature circuit breakers to individual plug points, make sure that a reliable electrician confirms that they are all safe before you prepare to move in.

An additional aspect that you should enquire about is the amenities promised. If amenities mentioned by the developer haven’t been delivered, you shouldn’t have to pay for them. This could give you some room to negotiate for a lower price.

When a property isn’t inspected before taking delivery, there are chances that you could encounter unexpected glitches when moving in. Being meticulous about inspections ensures that your home is delivered to you exactly the way you expect.