Top 5 best Tamil movie in 2022: Special twist

Over the last quarter of the 20th century, Tamil films from India established non-existence through ratio to an increasing number of overseas theatres in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Oceania, Europe, North America, and other countries. We are mentioning free online tamil movies to watch now tamilrockerswebsite and 5 best movies for your convenience and spend your boring time of 2022.

1. Dharala Prabhu

Artist’s name: Harish Kalyan, Vivek, Tanya hope.

Director and production house: Krishna Mari Muthu, screen scene media entertainment.

Movie rating: 4 out of 5

The first thing you see in this awesome movie is that a devastated person is looking for designer babies. How many characters come up slowly? A footballer is looking for a government job. The film is fantastic in one word. Although the artists are fascinated by the extraordinary performances, there is some difficulty in understanding the story. But at the end of it, there is a twist to the story. You will want to watch again and again.

Watch the movie now without delay.

2. Bigil

Artist’s name: Vijay, Nayantara, Vivek,Jackie shroff, Kathir

Director and production house: Atli Kumar, AGS entertainment

Movie rating: 3.5 out of 4

The story centers on a football team. Which is the story of the development of a women’s football team? The story shows Michael, the coach of the women’s team. Michael encounters many incidents there. The story of this football game gradually spreads from the shots. I found it very enjoyable. However, even if the leading video quality is terrible, you will not get a chance to move in the story. This story highlights the problems that the players of a women’s team have to face. But look at how far the issues go.


3. Godfather

Artist’s name: Natty, Lal, Ananya

Director and production house: Directed by jegan Rajshekhar, production company” GS Arts, first clap

Movie rating: 4 out of 5

Adhiyamaan, a young middle-class office goer, is a satisfied man who resides with his adoring wife Mithra and adorable son Arjun in a multistoried flat. Life goes smoothly for Adhi until one day; he unknowingly falls in dreaded gangster Marudhu’s trap.

How much effort is required to survive this fall? How to get caught, and the last twist is excellent in this story. So let’s take a look at the twist of the story. The biggest twist of the story is continually trying to survive despite death.

4. Petta

Artist’s name: Rajinikanth, Vijay shethupathi, Shashi Kumar, Simran, Trishna, etc

Director and production house: Karthik Subbarao and production house name are “Sun pictures.”

Movie rating: 3.3 out of 4.

Watching this movie gives you a glimpse of what hostel life is like, how seniors admit to ragging from the beginning, how it later turns into hostility. It shows how crime happens inside a hostel. Again, a beautiful love story comes up in the middle of it. If you want to see, go now.

5. Darbar.

Artist’s name: Rajinikanth, Nayanthara, Sunil Shetty, Nivetha Thomas.

Director: AR Murugadoss, production house: Lyca productions.

Movie rating: 3 out of 4

Here is the story of a police officer’s struggle. An honest police officer that has caused panic among drug dealers in Mumbai. This is the story of the policeman and his daughter. No annoyance will touch you. However, this movie’s screenplay is a bit slow, but the incidents match with many police officers.


I have seen movies, and I have seen many Tamil films that I like very much. They have some epoch-making stories that can be learned by watching them so you too can watch. It would help if you liked it I guarantee because I like it a lot. I hope you all can learn, and you will understand how high the quality of Tamil-movie.