Top 15 best webtoon websites you can read boys Love webtoon manga for free

From 2018 to the present, comic book development sites are developing rapidly such as Tapas Media, ManyComic or Webcomics, these websites or applications specializing in Korean manhwa webtoon and Japanese manga.  This development comes from unique content approach and cross-platform marketing and the ability to use on mobile devices in a flexible way.


Tapas Media founded in the US, ManyComic from New Zealand or Webcomics from Hong Kong but that speaks to the potential of webtoon, in addition Delitoon founded in France shows great interest in the potential of Korean webtoon industry in a  western market.


In the case of manhwa Manycomic webtoon, the works of Korean and Japanese authors in webtoon style account for over 80% of the more than 500 works posted on the platform.  Manycomic distributes nearly 700 webtoon and manga comics in Europe and the United States, but the revenue is quite small, partly due to the fact that webtoon manhwa is still a new field, in Europe and the United States when Marvel Comics  or Dc Comics has been leading the comic market for over 4 decades, but there is another reason that the Korean webtoon industry is the inspiration for creating Tapas, Manycomic, Webcomics or Delitoon.  Unlike the Japanese conservative hentai manga that reads in a way that flips to the left, the webtoon has a way of sliding down like we surf the web and obviously it’s great for mobile users.


Manycomic was born in a situation when Chief Editor Alex Max of Manytoon Comics published the standardization process for digital platforms, Manycomic started out with a platform that allowed creators to upload their works to the platform and  paid.  The webtoon manhwa industry of Korea has received start-up capital from many venture capital funds such as Naver Venture, Daum Enterprise, … Manycomic is a joint venture enterprise from a comic book publishing company of  Germany (  All services of this platform are provided free of charge as web pages on Korean webtops, helping readers to read webtoon manhwa online and Korean works are translated into German before  announced.



The Manycomic site specializes in English comics but has since been translated to the German version, established in 2024 but currently posting more than 600 works.  About Webtoon’s history, which happened by accident when Daum published several comic books in a vertical reading style. Immediately this style created an effect, the readership soared and Naver stepped in,  They immediately released excellent titles under the themes Boys Love (Bl) Webtoon, Girls Love, Teen Love, Action, Drama, Romance, Manhwa hentai, Mature Webtoon, Adult Webtoon manhwa, Drama, Thriller, …


Among them, Boys Love Webtoon and free webtoon Coins are two interesting Korean creations in the global comic industry. Boys Love Websites are famous such as: Painter of the night, False Memories, A guy like you.  , Bj alex, a man of virtue, Killing Stalking, Love Bite, Vampire Heart, Pian Pian, Sign, Love Shuttle, …


American international news channel Bloom Berg also appreciated Korea’s webtoon manhwa.


South Korea’s webtoon has enormous potential to lead the new Korean Hallyu wave.  This channel particularly emphasized, “Webtoon helps readers to study online or by smartphone which has achieved great success with the stepping stone in applying and capturing the characteristics of Korea in using the Internet in  everywhere.


Top 15 best webtoon websites you can read boys Love webtoon manga for free


1 – Webtoon Line

2 – Lezhin Comics

3 – Manycomic Entertainment

4 – Manytoon Comics

6 –

7 – Net Comics

8 –

9 – Tappytoon Comics

10 –

11 –

12 –

13 – Delitoon Comics

14 – Toomics Comics

15 – Toptoon Comics