Tips to Plan Baby Shower Party

Tips to Plan Baby Shower Party

Expecting baby? Looking forward to the baby shower day? You might be filled with excitement and doing your best to welcome the baby. Baby shower is a great way to celebrate parenthood and to pamper the mother-to-be. But, to plan a baby shower party, a lot of efforts are required, and you should do your due diligence to host a memorable baby shower party. There are several things like budget, guests and venue that you have to consider to make your event successful.

To help you in planning for the baby shower bash, I am writing some helpful tips below.

Set your budget – The first and the most important step towards planning any event is to decide on the budget. Check your finances and set a realistic budget. Don’t overdo anything just to show-off; otherwise, you will fall short of money.

Prepare a guest list – Once you are done with your budget, prepare a list of guests. Putting together the list of guests is among the important step towards organizing a baby shower party. Ask yourself who are the friends and relatives without whom your baby shower will be incomplete and then jot down their names on the list. Don’t forget to share the guest list with your partner as there maybe someone you are missing, and he/she wants to invite.

Finalize the date – After preparing the guest list, select a date for your baby shower party. Have a conversation with your family members and see what date suits you the best. Also, don’t forget to talk to your family members and friends to ensure they everyone is free on the date you want to organize the party.

Select a baby shower theme – Though the theme is not important, having it can make your event more entertaining and organized. Decide on a theme that everyone will love. The best thing about having a theme is that your options will get limited, and you don’t have to get confused over selecting from a lot of options. You can choose décor, food and games related to the theme. The theme will definitely make your event more memorable.

Select a venue – Another crucial step of baby shower party planning is to pick a venue for it. Your budget and number of guests will help in making the right selection. To select the venue, either take recommendations from people you know or search on the internet for the venues in your town. Further, make sure to read the online reviews to check whether people were happy with the services provided the team of venue or not.

Select décor and food items – Next, select the décor and food items for your event. If the venue provides catering and decoration services, then you will not have to hire decorator and caterer from outside. So, prefer choosing the venue that provides both the services.

Send invitations – Lastly, design a beautiful invitation card and send invitations to all your near and dear ones whom you have decided to invite.