Is one a painting enthusiast and looking to make a personalized paint by number? But the problem lies in that one is a beginner and doesn’t know how to get started.

For starters, one can go and get themselves a paint by numbers kit from the market. The kit included colors and a drawing or a sketch that hasn’t been colored yet.

Each section of the sketch is highlighted with numbers, and one has to color that particular area with the same number of colors. Here are some tips for beginners who are getting started with personalized paint by number:

Keep the canvas straight and correctly.

The thumb rule of painting a picture is: having the canvas on a solid surface and at the proper height. If the set-up is good, then only one can expect to do the personalized paint by number correctly. One should keep a canvas either by their shoulder length. It will help one stand or sit in comfort while painting.

Make use of the correct brush.

When one buys a paint by numbers starter kit, they get brushes of various sizes and lengths. Therefore one has to use the right brush to paint the numbered section.

There are different sizes, and one has to use a smaller one for thin sections while outgoing upwards. Choosing a correct brush isn’t something one can do right away, and it requires practice and experience for it? Although, choosing the wrong brush won’t impact much on the painting for fresher.

Keep the surroundings to the advantage.

Whenever one sits to paint a picture, it is a good practice to paint in an environment that is suitable for painting. Having dirt around in the room, while the lights are off, or the bits of food are fallen on the ground: don’t promote the art of painting.

Having a room that is well lit, fresh air quality, tide surrounding is something that one should adopt while painting as those are the things that set one’s mood in for painting and help the painter to bring out the best.

It’s okay to not finish it in seating.

One of the misconceptions of new painters is that they have to finish the personalized paint by number in one seating. That clearly isn’t the case, as many professional painters take days to finish their painting.

Even though one doesn’t want to go professional, they still need to know that it is okay to not finish a painting in one seating or in one day.

Don’t forget to hide the numbers.

As it is mentioned, that the sections in the section are numbered. People think they are needed to be shown and don’t paint over it.

The numbers are to help the painter paint the picture and are not meant to be part of the final result. Therefore from next time, don’t forget to paint over the numbers after one finishes a section. They are just there to help.