Tips for buying dedicated servers at cheap prices

When you are working on a tight budget to buy a dedicated server, you may be tempted to compromise on certain features to ensure that you get what you want. There are several providers of dedicated servers who are always willing to compromise on many features to suit your budget and deliver on your needs. However, you should know that there are certain features that you should never compromise on. Check out various cheap dedicated servers Australia for professional and high quality service at affordable prices.

When you are buying dedicated server web hosting, you need to be careful with what features you are willing to compromise on and which ones you should let go. You need to analyze the physical specifications of the server to ensure that it can provide the kind of performance you are looking for. This article will present certain hardware considerations that you may be required to do after investing in a cheap dedicated server.

CPU and power supply

CPU is the most useful part of any computer, whether it is a PC or a server. It is the component that processes all the executable instructions that the server has to handle. The many servers that you see around that come at a low price usually come with CPUs that are not very powerful. You may have to replace them soon enough, especially if your website continues to receive more traffic over time. In order to do a CPU replacement, you should plan for a minimum of fifteen minutes of downtime. Changing the CPU usually does not have any effect on the operating system.

When it comes to power supply, you have the option of using a single or dual power supply. If you are using a single power supply but wish to upgrade to a dual power supply, you will not need to an OS reinstallation if you are running a Linux OS. On the other hand an upgrade of the power supply like that will require an OS reinstallation if you are using a windows OS.

Hard disk

The number of bays that hard disks come in range from two all the way to eight bays. RAID configuration is usually capable of accommodating any number of drives all the way to eight. If securing your data in a crisis is important to you, then you should settle for RAID1 configuration as the bare minimal. When it comes to hard disk, you should not compromise quality because it can affect your operation a lot during a crisis.

Quality of support

Even if you decide to go with a cheap dedicated server, it doesn’t mean that you should also receive poor technical support. You should analyze the technical support the hosting company you are choosing provides before you make a choice. The support team should be able to get your website up and running within 24 hours or less if there is a major crisis. How responsive and proficient the support team is should matter to you because it is how you gauge their quality.