Tips and Tricks: Getting YouTube Subscribers

Did you upload your first YouTube video and wondering how to get started?

It can be frustrating to be stuck at 0 subscribers since your channel wouldn’t be going

You don’t need to buy YouTube subscribers to get started since there are lots of easy ways to get a mammoth of subscribers without having to pay a single penny.

Let’s get started.


Complete your profile


You need to have a complete profile that represents you fully and create a channel trailer.

A channel trailer is a brief video to help your viewers understand what the channel is about and the content in the channel.

The channels are set to play automatically for viewers who haven’t subscribed to your channel, and it would be an effective way to make people subscribe to your channel.

It is imperative to create a short, captivating video that’ll get viewers excited about your channel. Keep in mind that you need to include a call-to-action at the end of your channel trailer to work as a hook for attracting new subscribers.


Choose a channel theme.


One of the preliminary considerations to make is the type of videos you want to upload.

If you upload a race-car video one day, then a cleaning video the next day, people would not know what feed to expect from your channel.

Instead, settle on one area and choose a beautiful theme that would give your channel more focus and help you find your audience better.

While there are several themes – ranging from tech to comedy, travel, cooking, and gaming – don’t let these preset themes limit you. Your channel can focus on anything, and you can create a custom theme that will make users rush to subscribe.


Publish long videos


While this might be counter-intuitive to the conventional “YouTube wisdom,” there are 11 factors that help a video rank in YouTube’s search results page.

Longer videos appear at the top while the relatively shorter ones come after the long ones.

It would help if you considered publishing relatively longer videos to attract a high number of clicks and a considerable number of subscribers.


Quality – Not Quantity


The notion that the number of uploaded videos is directly proportional to the size of your channel is horrible advice that someone can give.

A video-marketing approach that works with 100% efficacy is focusing on the quality of the videos, and not the quantity.

You might have a considerable number of videos, but if they don’t add value to the viewers, no one will bother to subscribe to your channel.


Reply to comments


This strategy is the easiest way to grow the number of your subscribers.

Most people don’t reply to the comments they receive, which makes you stand out when you respond to all that appear on your page.

Once you publish a new video and someone posts a comment, replying would make them feel appreciated, and they’ll possibly go ahead to watch more videos on your channel.


Growing the number of your subscribers from zero to 200k may seem like a daunting task.

With the growing popularity of YouTube, you should follow the appropriate video marketing channel to help you grow the number of subscribers and help you stand out.