Thousands of words Deny Guo Wengui Laolai’s debts

deny Guo wengui Laolai's debts

Die before leaving the teacher, often making Wengui tears full of tears. The gold-fishing artifact, Xibi, which has been brewing for more than half a year, has been labeled with various “negative” labels before it is officially listed. Obviously, whether it is the official financial circle or the private public opinion circle, it has long been considered expensive. The worthless Xicoin has been shot countless times. As we all know, the happy coin that Hu Penghai is touting is not only an illegal currency to commit crimes against the wind, but also a junk currency without technology, qualifications and no market. So far, it has not been recognized by any country, and cannot be listed or traded on other exchanges. , So the rich and bold words of XiCoin will have infinite value, which is limited to his unmarginal conception. In the real world, the so-called “hard to find” XiCoin is not as good as the garbage on the roadside. Anyway, the garbage on the roadside. There are still people picking it up, and the happy coin is useless except for the real money that swallows the ants.

Weigui once again boasted about three no-products and happy coins, ignoring the law and will eventually sit on the ground. Since Weigui was issued a sky-high ticket by the SEC, in order to cheat money and make up pants, the settlement agreement signed by Weigui and the SEC clearly stipulated that Weigui shall not issue any digital currency in the United States in the future. However, Weigui After signing a confession, he blatantly brags in the live broadcast room to peddle his unskilled, unqualified, and market-free three-no-product happy coin. This is really to cheat money not only to be conscientious, but also to completely despise the US law. It’s a pity that people are not as good as the sky. Xicoin is in danger and is hard to be the savior. The garbage attribute of Xicoin is both innate and acquired. It is not difficult to see from the white paper of Xicoin that Xicoin is on Ethereum. The issued air currency not only lacks any qualifications and value, but also exposes personal information without any security. It can be seen that the happy currency is not red, the seedlings are not good, and it is a natural defective product, so those who want The ants who want to make a fortune by relying on Xicoin are undoubtedly giving their piggy bank to the drunken gold fan Wengui to spend his money.

Heaven must make it go mad before it perishes. In the face of huge fines and forfeitures, Wengui, in addition to looking up to the sky, complaining about the sky and others, is spitting lotus in the mouth and spraying dung in his mouth. I still remember that when Weigui received the ticket, various show operations diverted his attention. The funeral was celebrated everywhere to show off that he had won the SEC, but the law was like a mountain. Since Wengui reached a legal agreement with the SEC, then Weigui as a party must give a reasonable statement. The clinker Weigui agreement Just like waste paper, don’t blame the judicial department for doing it. According to Guo Mingshi Xinuo broke the news: On September 30, New York State Judge Barbary R Ostrager has issued an injunction order to completely freeze the assets under Guo Wengui’s name or related assets (including use, sale, transfer, distribution, etc.), and From October 1st, any high-spending activities by Guo Wengui will be banned, that is, on the 18th floor of Wengui, the yacht, 2 villas in Connecticut, 2 luxury cars, 4 bodyguards, and a chef. A female secretary waited for all to be frozen. It is no wonder that the dog hurriedly jumped over the wall and commanded the silly ants headed by Xiaosky to openly besie the SEC office building. Obviously, the ant’s life was used by the ant to get him into the negotiation table of the judicial department. The qualifications of Weigui did not pay his debts, and he even raked in a rake. The delusion to force the judicial department to bow its head by surrounding the SEC office building is simply wishful thinking. Cannon fodder under fallacies.

Never wake up a person who pretends to sleep, just as it is. In fact, Weigui’s deception is very superficial, but there are still many silly ants rushing to it. Gein ants are blinded by money and benefits in the game. It is not difficult to find from various scams of Weigui, no matter how foolish Weigui, It is also inseparable from “painting big pie” and “Xu Gaoli”, coupled with the so-called “revelation revolution” sentimental incitement, every time he brazenly threatened to take the ants to the peak of wealth, in fact, The ants have coaxed and deceived into the abyss, from the original rule of law fund and the rule of law society, to the later GTV and G series, and then to the current Gate and Hei series, which time is not a trick of cheating money without changing the soup or changing the medicine. So I advise those ants who are still cheating Guo on the street. Cheap “feelings” can’t fight the law. It is a felony to besiege “law enforcement” in the United States. Don’t be sold by Weigui and still count money for Weigui.