Kidneys are an important part of your body they help the body in maintain the fluids that are good and also filter the fluids that can cause damage. In short they remove the waste from your body so keeping them happy and active is really important.

You can now consult a professional Nephrologist in Pakistan  and discuss all the queries related to kidneys with them. Let’s see what they recommend us and what we can follow to have healthy kidneys:

Hydration: The one and the most important thing is to keep yourself active and hydrated. Kidneys do a lot of work for your body and in order to keep them healthy and clean one has to drink a lot of water. In hot weather there is excess sweating and water evaporates easily to keep up the water level you should drink more than 7 liters of water.

To check that you are dehydrated or not, check the color of the urine if its darker yellow you are dehydrated if the color is like the color of a stray, you are doing good!

Healthy munching: It is essential part. People say you are what you eat. You don’t want to be a junk in the future? Or do you? Healthy munching is very important you have to take those essential vitamins and minerals coming from different food items and if that’s not enough a good vitamin supplement will do the rest for you.

Smoking and Drinking: It’s all fun and games until one of your kidney’s say hey! It’s time for me to retire and the other one says please stop drinking I cannot take all this burden. If you cannot stop drinking or smoking here’s a tip. Try to drink 14 units of alcohol per week. This will keep your organs better and you will be satisfied as well. It can also increase your blood pressure and glucose level.

Blood pressure: as stated earlier, drinking and smoking can play a key role in increasing blood pressure. Always keep track of your BP so that it doesn’t affect your heart and kidney’s as well. Like low blood pressure high blood pressure shows almost no symptoms except that you might feel a little spin in your head. Low blood pressure can cause sugar level to drop, you may feel your heart sinking, dizziness, fatigue and restlessness.

Avoid Obesity: maintaining a healthy, fit body is as hard as it looks. Daily exercise, regular walks, a proper diet plan and you have to avoid that piece of cheese cake that you love. The fat that you carry in your body creates a lining around your kidneys and other organs of the body, effecting greatly the ability of those organs to work and also creates a pressure on the organ. Just be active and eat healthy with a sparkle of daily exercise.

There are a number of exercises on different platforms for you to follow. If you are above 40 or have difficulty in exercising, try to maintain a healthy diet with a little walk.

Take away Message:

Kidneys have a great effect on overall health of your body. You may have two kidneys but they are both equally important there are a number of things you have to limit if God Forbid anyone of your kidneys fail.

Taking care of your body is your responsibility but if you feel there is something wrong and the damage has been done please consult a Nephrologist online or physically as soon as possible before its too late.


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