The Right Pajamas

What do we look for in pajamas

When looking for pajamas, in many cases we look for comfort, we also look for good fabric, design and quality. For that reason we have for you a variety of silk pajamas that will help you to be more comfortable at home during this quarantine. As well. We have already seen the main advantages of sleeping in pajamas. Now, is any pajama worth it? What characteristics must it have? First you have to look at the materials, in this case if it is a silk pajamas for women. The most recommended is that they are made with natural fibers, especially silk or cotton pajamas, which have proven to be the fiber that best takes care of the skin. For its resistance and durability, polyester is added, which is perfect to be able to wash it in total comfort. This is how our pajamas are made. Yes. When washing them, make sure that the temperature of the washing machine does not exceed 30 degrees because in this way you will better preserve their colors. Also, do not use very aggressive soaps. Another thing to keep in mind is that pajamas should allow complete freedom of movement. That they are neither too wide nor too narrow. You have to choose the right size. In our online pajama store you will have no problem choosing the one that best suits your body because you will instantly see a complete size guide.

How to choose the right pajamas

During these days of confinement, in which many of us stay at home, you will have asked yourself the following question, what should I wear? Do I wear my usual clothes? Should I wear a tracksuit? Do I stay in my pajamas? At this time, our pajamas are indispensable. We use it perhaps more than necessary and perhaps it is time to renew them. Use silk or cotton fabrics. For this hot season we recommend that you use cotton fabrics, since they are cool and flannel for winter. The size: it is something you must take into account. The best thing is that you use clothes that are not very loose or very tight, because they will help you to have a good rest. Look for design and at the same time Comfort: it is better that you choose models with few seams and applications, so that they are not uncomfortable. Although they look more spectacular, take care of this detail.

Pajama History

Pajamas originate from the Ottoman Empire. As we mentioned previously, this garment was introduced with the aim of taking care of hygiene and to keep warm in the absence of heating or other means for this purpose. Until this time, both men and women wore long nightgowns made of wool, tartan, knit or velvet. The use of pajamas spread throughout the known world from the 18th century. How it happened? Much of the people of Persia wore the Hindu national costume “paejama”. This ended up leading to the pajamas we all know. As a result, in the Ottoman Empire, pajamas consisting of pants and shirts were created, and they were used by men and women alike. Through the contact of the Ottomans with the British Empire, the English adopted the custom of wearing pajamas. The only ones who could afford this garment were the aristocracy and the upper classes. They replaced nightgowns with pajamas, adorning them with luxurious details and accessories. Pajamas gradually spread throughout the world, until today, that we all have several sets of pajamas, depending on the time of year. In Confecciones Emilio you can find pajamas for men and pajamas for women.