The Potency of RAD140

Hello everyone, so I want to talk about the RAD140 and how potent this beast of a SARM is. But before I begin I must add that it’s the most potent SARM if you purchase from the best SARMs company in the world for.

The reason being that many SARMs companies are selling BS. They are doing this because they are stuck with a huge supply of dangerous prohormones due to the ban of 2014.

You see prohormones were perfectly legal prior to 2014…until the studies proved that they were more dangerous than anabolic steroids while being less effective.

So please be careful when looking for RAD140 and do extensive research if you decide to venture out on your own.

Ok so now let’s get to RAD140 and just how magnificent of a substance it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, this SARM is off the charts in potency. It is by far the strongest SARM in the world.

It’s not even up to debate anymore. Ask any experienced user and they will tell you the same. Research it on the internet and you will read the same. Take it for yourself and you will experience it for yourself.

I sure did.



See a huge difference in my appearance after a 12-week cycle? Well that’s because there was.

I gained just under 25 pounds of pure muscle which is just down right crazy for an experienced lifter who has plateaued and couldn’t put on any more muscle.

It’s hard to put on muscle when you’ve been hitting the gym for over 10 years, and hitting it hard.

RAD140 changed all that.

I was gaining strength and muscle daily it seemed. I broke my all personal strength records easily, and by over 70 pounds for all the basic compound exercises.

My recovery, endurance, and enthusiasm were through the roof. Even my tendons and joints got a lot stronger.

I used to get really sore elbows and knees after a heavy workout but after a month on RAD140 that magically went away.

The best part about it is that I experienced no side effects. I took a PCT to stay safe and experienced no sides.

As long as you are responsible and take the recommended dosage for the recommended 12 weeks you will experience no side effects.

Oh and of course use a legit source to purchase SARMs and PCT for SARMs. You could go to my blog to learn everything you need to learn about SARMs and PCT.

Remember, this is not a magic substance. You can’t be lazy and sit at home while you magically put on muscle and strength.

You still have to be dedicated and put the time in at the gym.