The Israeli startup that managed to raise $ 6 million in less than a week

The name of the startup is Oolo and it is an Israeli-based company- who develops an AI system that autonomously monitors ad performance on media outlet websites to identify potential monetization issues.

Oolo has raised $6 million in a round led by S Capital, with participation by 2B Angels and investor Rami Beracha.

The product that Oolo developed wants to replace the media world analysts with artificial intelligence. ┬áThe system developed by the company scans large amounts of information of a variety of types, identifying anomalies – for better or worse. The system then explains the source of the problem or, alternatively, the opportunity it identified, pricing its financial significance, and alerting it to the relevant person in the organization.

Oolo was founded in 2019 by Yuval Brener and Roey Yaniv.
This is the second company the two co-founded, after previously founded interactive video company Carambola Media Ltd. together with Roei Bareket.

“On the business side, there is no company that has chosen a vertical specialty like us … The combination of our expertise, with deep technology, produces a very clear superiority over the alternatives,” says Brenner.

About 20 employees are employed in its Raanana offices, and with the latest recruitment, the company plans to significantly increase its staff.

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