The commissioned free freelance marketplace Ben4Hire grows its structure by the opening of new offices in different countries.

The Ben4Hire’s founder Mr. Ben Bander Abudawood is gladly declaring the opening of new offices in Dubai and Boston.

The Fundamental motivation behind this initiative is to help both the customers and freelancers in US and Middle East.

Whereas, the initial priorities include to improve the rational abilities of freelancers with clients and to polish their talents through various training courses and programs.

Freelancers will get avail of these initiatives by the end of 2024, certainly from everywhere throughout the world.

Expanding globally gradually gives Ben4Hire a great opportunity to connect more people worldwide while gaining enormous deep insights from the local markets.

Those new offices certainly increment brand awareness as well in those countries.

Late reports on number of freelancers working in US and Dubai are evaluated as there 56.7 million in US and thousands in Dubai, and this will increase with the progression of time.

Clearly for Ben4Hire, US is the second-largest market to expand broadly and investing more in on-the-ground level should additionally reinforce its local penetration. It will indirectly upgrade its business openings and will take the freelancing platform for both the sellers and buyers to the next level.

Initially, Ben4Hire’s team is focusing on increasing this commissioned free brand awareness through engaging local communities, partnerships, public relations and above all picking up the trust of freelancers and customers for getting avail of this marketplace that charges nothing to make their own parity.