The iPhone 12 could be a disappointment in sales, for the 5G

One of the main additions of the next iPhone that are launched in the last quarter of 2024, is that they will be compatible with the new 5G connectivity, something that could harm sales, according to an analyst.

2020 is expected to be the year of 5G connectivity, where it can practically already extend to most of the territories of developed countries. That is why most phone manufacturers, such as Apple itself, will launch their next devices with this compatible connectivity, but that could turn against sales.

So at least the analyst Gene Munster of the Loup Ventures firm believes that the iPhone 12 5G will be a disappointment in sales for investors and Apple. And although the change to 5G will be a great opportunity for Apple for all iPhone owners to upgrade to versions with 5G, it does not consider that operators in the United States are ready for the change.

“ The first year of 5G for the iPhone will be a disappointment for investors. Ultimately, this is a great opportunity for Apple, a great 5G game, but it will take time for operators to deploy coverage, ”says Munster.

Operators in the United States are quite optimistic that 5G coverage will be practically extended throughout almost the entire territory by the end of 2024. However, Verizon executives have said they expect half of the territory in the United States to have 5G coverage. at the end of 2024.

That is why Munster argues that the iPhone 12 is expected to sell worse than expected for Apple since 5G will not yet cover the entire United States, which could end up being a disappointment in sales

Apple estimates that it will distribute more than 100 million iPhone 12 in 2024, up 20% compared to estimated sales for the iPhone 11, given the demand for 5G connectivity.


Since analysts do not think the same and consider that since 5G is not in the entire United States at the end of 2024, the consumer will have less need to acquire