Drives through the streets of Groningen looking for a great driving school. When I got my license I was twenty-five years old and had never been behind the wheel of a car before. Since that time I have driven through the city (and a few out-of-town suburbs) in an SUV and on a truck that was herded along behind a humongous farm trail. I have seen some pretty crazy people driving here and there and even stopped to take pictures with one of them. I’ve also driven through small towns in the surrounding of Groningen

I really want to take my skills to the next level and am seriously considering attending Driving School Groningen. The school is in very good condition and has only room for two hundred students. If I were to get accepted they would most likely require me to live at the facility for a month or longer. Although I love the idea of going to school in the nicest area of the city, I’m not totally convinced it will be worth the hardship. It is a big step up from living at home but moving into dormitory-like quarters.

I am not trying to say that driving to schools are a bad thing. I have driven many roads and even highways, and I have never had any mishaps. What I am saying is that you must be responsible enough to follow directions and drive safely. I do know that this particular school does require their students to sign an agreement that states they will not sell driving rights to anyone else, but that is not something I feel I should have to agree to. Besides, it really sounds kind of silly anyway. Any driving school worth its salt will expect their students to follow directions, drive safely, obey the speed limit, and pay attention to their driving habits.


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