The Epic Journey of Manpreet Singh Co-Founder Innokrats to Become a Self-Learned Entrepreneur

Manpreet Singh Co-Founder Innokrtas picture

While millennials are busy spending their time on movies, restaurants, and social media, there are a few people who are redefining the way, young generation develop and bloom. One such incredible human being is Manpreet Singh, who chooses a unique track that most people not even dream of.

The story of Manpreet Singh is exceptionally fascinating and glorious in all respect. Manpreet Singh, who hails from Jammu & Kashmir, has always been curious about the latest technological trends and business practices. Despite being a teenager, he chose books over social media that helped him transform into a better individual. Business and tech were in his DNA. And, over the years, self-learning and discipline carved his way to becoming a young entrepreneur. Subsequently, He turned his spark for business into a raging fire by co-founding Innokrtas PVT LTD (IT Solution Company) while studying on the parallel. He is quite ambitious and motivated about life. This way is how he attained success at a pretty young age. Although, it may sound quite natural and unrealistic, his epic journey to become self-learned entrepreneurs always remains hidden behind the gleam of his success. There are sacrifices and consistent efforts he made to achieve what he is today. But all these are hidden behind the backdrop of his journey of success. Now, he is 19 and quite ahead of his league of entrepreneurs. While the individual belongs from a decent family, he did not let his financial and family background in any way to become an impediment in his roadmap to success. This quality is an epitome of a successful person. And, many young generations lacks this quality, perhaps this is the reason a more significant part of the young population are off-track.

Manpreet is extremely confident about his goals, and his confidence is visible in his plan of action. His self-belief has always inspired him to become financially independent and to set an example for young entrepreneurs ready to make a mark. Along with the learning, he maintains a healthy social and family life. He loves to enjoy his time in peace reading financial books while being traveler by heart; he goes on travel to unchartered territories.

Apart from the success he already attained in his young age, he is working on accomplishing his future goals. Currently, he is working on Sustainable innovation (tech), sustainable fashion, and also he is working on Real Estate. With so much in line, one can easily be overwhelmed, but Manpreet has already mastered the art of handling and scheduling projects on a one-on-one basis. And, perhaps this is the prime reason he is always organized and focused in every situation. He believes that success does not happen in a day, and one has to work on it from scratch. And, it takes consistent efforts to build everything step-by-step and how it goes to achieve new levels. His story is genuinely filled every one of us with a nostalgic feeling, and his successful journey made us walk in the realms of entrepreneurship.