The Easiest way to Learn Piano is Here

A piano is an instrument that entices people of all generations. Everyone wonders how to play it. For ages, the movies have been a significant influence where this musical instrument is shown in a very glorified manner.

The latest influence can be the moment like the Oscar Award Night performance of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing ‘Shallow’ on Piano. So, if you feel all charged up to start your piano class right away, you must not go farther from your mobile phone or PC. A Piano for all review will tell you why.

What is the PianoforAll Program?

Piano for all is an online piano learning course that has got over 250,000 students to date. It is a piano learning program designed by Robin Hall and is available in an e-book format.

Procedure for Learning with PianoforAll E-book

The course for learning Piano online entails the following steps:

  1. Listen to piano sound and try playing it
  2. Improvise by matching the notes
  3. Create compositions
  4. Learn to read notes of piano music sheet

Robin Hall piano for all review suggests that this method is based on ‘play first; ask questions later,’ enabling the users to turn into a pro pianist.

Requirements of this Music Learning Program

Though you may find this program quite flexible in various ways, the need to have a piano or keyboard is indispensable. The learners can go through the composition creation part or practice notes reading even while traveling or during the free time, but actual playing requires them to have a piano or keyboard in their home.

Let’s jot down all the requirements:

  1. If not Piano, at least have a 61-key keyboard. It can help practicing right away. Whenever possible, upgrading to 88-key digital Piano can help derive the best benefits of this learning program.
  2. Have any of these options – iPhone, Mac, iPad, PC, and Android. These devices are needed to download the e-book.
  3. For Mac and PC – the software needed will be Adobe Reader and Flash Player. iPhone and iPad will require the Readdle Documents app. If you have an Android device, you need to download EZPDF Reader Lite App, which costs one USD.

Benefits of PianoforAll Program

When everything is available digitally, why not have a music learning program online? Perhaps, this is the question that inspired the makers to come with a comprehensive music learning program. This program offers:

  1. Nine e-books and one bonus book: The e-books help traverse through almost all styles of piano music. The chords’ information, playing exercises, and tune creation are provided in these learning resources in a very comprehensive manner. The benefit of such a massive learning resource is that the beginner can become well-conversant with all aspects of piano playing.
  2. 200 videos: The second part of this program offers video demonstrations. Learners can get well-planned and easily comprehensible video demonstrations prepared by Robin Hall. Thus, you find reliable support for learning strokes, chords, and finger movements and acquire proficiency through practical learning.
  3. 500 audio tunes and exercises: Not all learners are equipped to see videos and learn Piano through them. There are auditory learners, too, that have robust learning by listening ability. Pianoforall covers those learners, as well, by offering them tunes and exercises to listen and play and practice. The listeners may identify and match the note or listen to the notes first thoroughly and then attempt on the keyboard or Piano.

Let’s Take a Quick look at the Curriculum

  1. Book 1 – Party time – Rhythm Style Piano
  2. Book 2 – Blues & Rock and Roll
  3. Book 3 – Chord Music
  4. Book 4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy
  5. Book 5 – Ballad Style
  6. Book 6 – All that Jazz & Blues
  7. Book 7 – Advanced Blues and Fake Stride
  8. Book 8 – Taming the Classics
  9. Book 9 – Speed Learning
  10. Bonus Book – The Practice of Mindfulness

To Conclude

There is considerable progress a learner will feel to have achieved from the first lesson itself. Since the program has adopted a ‘play to learn’ approach, the users feel like having learned the Piano the self-training way. The program lives by its name by providing both video and auditory support to all types of learners.