The devices you can use to stream video

With technological advancements in the entertainment industry, it is now possible to stream content on a wide range of devices. Various devices offer you different features and capabilities to choose from. Smart TVs are some of the latest additions to the collection of devices that can be used to stream content. With a smart TV and some personal video recorders, you can get full access to streaming services and free-to-air TV catch-up apps. All you need is a strong and stable connection to an internet source. Smart TVs are not the only devices you can use to stream content. There are several others that you can use in place of smart TVs. These devices offer you additional features such as options for higher resolution, casting, and support for 4K.

Below are examples of additional devices you can use to access streaming services if you don’t have a smart TV.

Mediastreamers/Hubs and dongles

Hubs are content streaming devices that are used to stream movies that are stored on your network. They are usually connected to the home network and office network. Besides the network, hubs are also used to stream content from the internet directly to your television set.

The difference between dongles and hubs/media streamers only lies in their sizes. Dongles are much smaller in size and offer a great compromise on some of the high-end features found in hubs. Some of the features dongles offer a great compromise in are 4K video and high-end audio outputs.

Chromecast and foxtel now box

Chromecast are pieces of hardware devices that are used to stream content directly to TVs. They are plugged into TV sets and can stream content from a wide range of devices such as tablets and android phones. Additionally, they can also stream content from mac computers, windows computers, iphones, and ipad directly to a TV. This gives users a great level of convenience because you get to watch all the content you want with just your mobile phone data plan. You won’t need to pay for cable if decide not to.

Foxtel Now boxes work the same way as chrome casts. They are used to stream data from various devices to a TV set. They can stream content to a TV from all kinds of phones, computers, and tablets.

Game consoles and desktop or laptop computers

There are very many game consoles that allow you to stream content from catch-up services. To stream the content, you have to go through downloadable apps.

Laptop and desktop computers are some of the most well-known devices that can be used to stream content from streaming services. Computers need to be connected to a network source such as modem or router in order to be able to access streamed media. You will have to install a browser of your choice on your computer so that you can use it to access content. Besides using a browser, you can also watch movies online now on a computer through downloadable software. An HDMI out port is also included in most modern computers which can be used to connect to monitors, projectors, TVs, or projectors.