The Comparison of DVD Ripper and DVD Copy Software

DVD Ripper Software

The Comparison of DVD Ripper and DVD Copy Software In the market, there are two terms that referring to the similar meaning – the DVD ripper and DVD Copy software. In fact, there are not much different between the two programs but to be more specifically, we still can differentiate the two by their usage.

DVD Ripper Software

The DVD ripper software is a software that used to rip the contents of the DVDs. The ripped contents can be converted to different file formats and store in a digital format i.e. in the hard disk of a computer.

The DVD Copy software is a program that uses to duplicate CDs or DVDs. So, usually, it’s still in the disc format but nowadays that advanced software also integrated the rip feature and hence allow you to rip the DVD contents as well.

In this article, we will explain in more details and let you know the differences as well as major usage of the two applications.


The DVD Rippers

DVD rippers are used to rip audio and video tracks from a DVD movie disc.

DVD Ripping is not quite the art form which many programs seem to want you to think it is. You don’t have to be the smart cracker with the MBA in computer engineering to do this (thank goodness). Programs developed to automate the task of ripping or extracting the data off a DVD movie disc make the process quick and simple in most cases.

When you do get into DVD ripping, it’s all about the software package you choose. Not necessarily the hardware that is required (which requires a CD-R at the bare minimum). Always compare the software you are interested in purchasing with other programs in the same area of expertise so you can make an educated decision on the product that will fit your needs best.

Many DVD ripping software programs require a reliable DVD-RW in order to rip the DVDs.

Your average, run of the mill, DVD ripping software can cost a lot of money. However, there are cheaper alternatives to these overpriced and (more often than not) over-complicated systems. Depending on your needs, if you want to make general backup copies of your favourite DVD movies or copies of just the most commonly used videos, there are many programs which can help you complete these tasks.

Watching movies is probably the single greatest (and highest revenue-generating) entertainment past time that Americans (and others worldwide) share. DVD movies are your ultimate home theatre accessory to enjoying the viewing experience. A DVD ripping software package will augment it further by allowing you to preserve the investment into the DVD movies you purchase.

Audio is just as important as video when it comes to DVD ripping. You do not want to lose the quality of the audio (such as THX, DTS, or Dolby digital). However, many movie DVDs come with multiple language support. These additional languages are not always needed, so you can oftentimes remove unwanted features out of a DVD ripper.


The DVD Copy

Using DVD copying software can help create 1:1 duplicate backup copies of your DVD movies.

Making duplicate copies of DVD movies or even PC games or PS2 games is a cinch with the right software products. Many programs tout the ability to flawlessly reproduce a disc without losing any quality; however, you should always find as much information regarding their program as you can before you purchase a DVD copy package.

Before you begin the process of making a DVD copy or even duplication of PS2-games, you must ensure that your computer is capable of handling the load and has the correct components and peripherals to provide the software with the needed tools of producing a near-perfect reproduction of the DVD-Rom you have selected.

After verifying your hardware and software’s capability to handle the complete process, slip the DVD-ROM into your computer’s DVD-player and run the software bundle you purchased. Your program will begin walking you through each menu where it asks for specific data regarding the method and variables for creating the DVD copy. Follow the instructions carefully so you don’t waste a blank disc.

The time it takes to make a duplicate DVD copy varies from machine to machine. The faster and more powerful your computer is, the quicker the process will go. The speed by which your DVD-RW drive operates and reads data from the disc is the most important factor in calculating the speed the copies can be made at.

Before you begin to make DVD copies of your favourite movies and games, it is advised that you invest some time and effort into reading the laws regarding the duplication of DVDs or games. Always know how your actions may end up affecting you in the long term. There are many laws and most are overly complicated so you can find multiple websites which authors have summarized the information into a more concise and easy to read the document.

Above all, be sure to have fun when you make a DVD copy of your favourite games and movies. This is fast becoming an enjoyable past time that many computer enthusiasts are finding a great deal of pride and joy in. The Comparison of DVD Ripper and DVD Copy Software


Wrapping Up

Both the DVD ripper and DVD copier widely use and available in the market. The ultimate goal of both programs is same, that’s to backup your DVDs. The only slight difference is that the DVD ripper is to backup to digital format while DVD copy software mostly backup to another disc.

In the market, there are freeware as well as shareware programs. The free software usually lack features and the resulting outputs is not very convincing. On the other hand, the paid software usually can produce lossless 1:1 quality output and there are better in term of features, and customer supports.

So, if you are serious in producing a great video output, you should get a paid software like dvd rippers from WinX or WonderFox. If you want to get a DVD copy, you can get the DVD Cloner or BlazeVideo DVD Copy.The Comparison of DVD Ripper and DVD Copy Software