Take advantage of the thesis


Imagine that this article is a graduate work, known as a PhD thesis. From now on the objective will be to explain how to write one. For this, the structure of an investigation of this type will be used, taking the basic concepts and developing each one for this journalistic exercise.

It will be a reduced and concise version, but it will shed light on what to do when facing a scenario that, for many, is a headache for the academy. These are the most common points when addressing them. The professor and researcher at the U. Nacional Jorge Hernán Estrada advises him what to do.https://peachyessay.com/thesis-statement-generator/


Problem Statement

“The problem is established with a question, defining the idea that can move the discussion or the conclusions of a topic towards unknown terrain. Then it is investigated and the article is written. It is a later report. ”

– The question for this article is: how to help students to learn how to do a degree project?




“Here it seeks to make the reader fall in love. Present the main idea in a way that convinces and persuades. Show how the topic evolved in previous studies. It does not exceed 15 lines ”.

– Here the idea is to help the students to know how to do a degree project. The text was written as if it were one, for the sake of a didactic and easy to understand exercise.



“It is closely related to utility. I am referring to the engineering case. In Physical Sciences it could be a pure investigation, not necessarily with immediate utility, but that does broaden the horizons of the subject ”.

– This writing is carried out to clear doubts about the degree projects, taking into account that it is a common problem among students when facing the completion of one.




“The overall goal is a strategy to solve a known problem. The specific objectives are related to points to reach the solution, but they must be avoided that they are many. In the beginning people try to be pharaonic by covering a lot. You have to do something simple, simple, but excellent; without deviating from the main idea ”.

– General objective: that the students understand the basic points to do a degree work.

– Specific objective: write the text as if it were one in such a way that the reader understands it from practical examples, complemented by the opinion of a teacher.


Theoretical framework


“Take theoretical references and tools. Here we can mention the state of the art, that is, the work done previously on it, what is known so far. Avoid teaching, because the readers of the article are supposed to be enlightened enough. You cannot be tempted to write a class-type investigation. ”

– Similar articles from other newspapers were read here and a different approach was determined from this.



“Procedures, instruments, techniques and models. A route to solve the problem. Incorporate the necessary elements to answer the question ”.

– This article resorted to a presentation with boxes distributed throughout the page, seeking an enjoyable reading. In addition, the article was used to give examples on the concepts of a degree project.




“It is very important and improves the reputation of the research. An article with a large number of references indicates that the person is not reinventing the wheel, but is standing on the shoulders of giants, of people who worked on the subject. That gives it an element of strength. ”


Common mistakes


  1. A shortcoming is the lack of coherence between the research questions, the objectives, the theoretical framework and the methodology. That is the backbone of a thesis and it must have a solid, well-articulated shape.


  1. There are students who ask very broad questions, because their concerns are very great. They ask, for example, what is the influence of television. The question is interesting, but too vast.


  1. Some theoretical frameworks seem to be sets of summaries of various subjects in which there is no fabric to relate them. In that effort the student’s voice is lost.


  1. A student can be brilliant, have a well-assembled structure, but there will be no clarity if the text is not read. The best theses are those written in ordinary language. Technical terms are necessary, but much better if they can be replaced by common words. This allows the thesis to be published and thus reach other audiences.