Tablet Market Sales Revenue, Grow Pricing and Industry Growth Analysis

The report, titled “Tablet Market and Smartphones Market: Global Database & Forecast (2010 2015)”, published by Transparency Market Research, studies the growth trajectory of the global tablets and smartphone market between the years 2010 and 2015. The report tracks the market for twof the most popular electronic devices of current times: smartphones and tablets. While the market for smartphones is one that saw unprecedented growth at a consistent pace over the entire past decade, the market for tablets has alsstarted gaining huge momentum in the past few years.

The report states that the sales of tablets on a global level recorded 67 mn units in 2011. Expanding at a healthy 38.80% CAGR between 2011 and 2015, the market recorded sales of nearly 248 mn units during these years. Sales of tablets in the Asia-Pacific regional market, owing tits huge population base, exhibited 36.10% and 35.30% CAGR, in terms of global shipment and end user sales respectively, during this period.Sales of smartphones across the globe reached 469.9 mn units in 2011.

This was a 66.7% rise in the sale of smartphones since 2010, when the global smartphone sales stood at 282.0 mn units. During 2010-2015, the market for smartphones significantly expanded and reached nearly 1,048.0 mn units by registering a 39.50% CAGR growth. Asia Pacific led the market for smartphones over the period and expanded at a 36.30% CAGR.

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Sales of tablet computers saw a game-changing boost in the year 2011 when it increased by a never-before-seen 276.5% as compared tthe sales in 2010 and reached 17.8 mn units. The growth in sales can be highly attributed tthe extremely encouraging consumer response tproducts such as Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Amazon Kindle tablets. Amazon’s Kindle tabs, especially, received exceptionally incredible response among the consumers and the ‘Fire’ version of the device sold about 3.5 million units only in the final 45 days of the year 2011. On a global-level, there were around 81.1 million units of tablet computers across the globe in 2011, and the number reached 388.8 million units by 2015.

The report states that although smartphones are the primary competitor for the market of tablets, nearly 10% smartphone owners alshad a tablet computer by 2013. The market segment for communicator tablets has remained a niche segment in the market over the years.Form factor of tablets plays a highly crucial role in the overall consumer response tthe product. The report states that the largest number of tablets sold in the market between 2010 and 2015 had screen sizes ranging between 8 t10 inches and weight of the device was between 450 t900 grams (1 t2 lbs). The end-use segment of general consumers exhibited highest demand and sales of media tablet devices whereas business users preferred communicator business tablets more.