Swamp Thing in the CW of the DC Universe

Swamp Thing finds a home for television, with the DC Universe series scheduled to air on The CW in the coming months. The show premiered in May 2019 on the streaming service, airing there the ten episodes of its first season as one of five live-action shows released on the streaming service. This also had the distinction of being the first live-action series to be canceled on DC Universe, reaching its confirmed ending came only a few weeks after its premiere.

Its downfall was the result of artistic disagreements with Warner Media ‘s management, rather than the show’s popularity and success. Actually, there’s some evidence that the program-which starred Derek Mears as the titular creature-was one of the best shows of DC Universe. Swamp Thing has an approval rating of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, an amazing mark. The UK has already witnessed why it’s so popular via Amazon Prime, and now American viewers who don’t subscribe to DC Universe are getting the same opportunity this summer.

The CW network acquired the rights to air Swamp Thing this summer according to Deadline. Acquisitions like this are common for the network, which has also acquired Tell Me A Story, Coroner, and Dead Pixels, all set to air in the months to come (no one has dates for the premiere or schedules for the airing). However, they are much more relevant this year as there might not be an opportunity to produce any new material as states and countries are working through the coronavirus pandemic-driven stay-at-home orders.

Fans of Swamp Thing can see this as a last chance to save a show that was canceled nearly a year ago. For months now, people have been clamoring for a second season, with some videos of potential 2 elements from the season leaked last month. The character in this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover made an extremely brief cameo, so it wasn’t forgotten altogether. Ian Ziering-who played a recurring role as Blue Devil on the DC Universe series-also shared hope about the series returning one day in the past.

Reported by Andoverleader