Log Cabins or Log Homes Market Trends, Scope, Forecast by 2027

Log Cabins or Log Homes Market: Introduction

Log cabins or log homes are houses built by wooden logs. Logs used to build these houses are either milled or handcrafted. Rise in demand for the log cabins from the consumers across the globe has been observed in the past few years. These cabins/homes are constructed inexpensively with only basic amenities and used as vacation homes and seasonal dwellings. Earlier these cabins or homes were hastily constructed, poorly sealed, and ill-maintained. However, invention and advancement of machines has improved the structure of log cabins and log homes. Also, these houses are maintained well due to awareness in consumers.

Log Cabins or Log Homes Market: Competitive Landscape

Honkarakenne Oyj

Honkarakenne Oyj was founded in Eastern Finland during 1958 by the Saarelainen brothers. It is headquartered at Karstula, Finland. The company has built approximately 85,000 houses around the world. Honkarakenne Oyj has major presence in Finland. Furthermore, the company has presence in Russia, Japan, China, Germany, and France. It builds various types of log houses such as contemporary log houses, traditional log houses, log cabins and holiday lodges, and custom log houses.

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Palmako AS                         

Palmako AS, headquartered at Tartu, Estonia, is a subsidiary of Lemeks Group which was founded in 1993. The company’s manufacturing capacity produces more than 51,000 wooden houses, more than 24,000 m3 impregnated garden products, up to 27,000 m3 laminated timber products, and 46,000 tons of pellets a year. The company has various products that include garden houses, log houses, prefab houses, glulam products, wood pellets, and modular garden.

Other key players operating in the global log cabins or log homes market include Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc., Perma-Chink Systems, Inc., Premier Building Systems, Alan’s Factory Outlet, Pioneer Log Homes, Artisan Log and Timber Homes, Rumax, The Naturstammbauer GmbH, Kuusamo Hirsitalot Oy, Rovaniemi Log House Ltd, and P. Lienbacher Holzbauwerk GmbH.

Log Cabins or Log Homes Market: Dynamics

Growth in Countryside Tourism

Tourism industry has witnessed a high growth rate over the period of time. Countryside tourism or rural tourism has also seen a growth in the recent time. Income from this tourism protects the environment heritage. The experience of wild places connects people with nature, fostering a desire to protect the forest and environment. Due to increase in countryside tourism, demand for log cabins has increased which is expected to increase the demand for the product in the forecast period.

Change in Lifestyle and Increase in Disposable Income

Lifestyle of people has changed over the period of time and due to this change, the demand for log homes has increased in the recent period. People now prefers to live in wood constructed houses rather than traditional homes constructed from cement.

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Log Cabins or Log Homes Market: Segmentation

The log cabins or log homes market can be segmented on the basis of:

  • Product Type
  • Frame Type
  • Log Type
  • Application
  • Region

Log Cabins or Log Homes Market Segmentation – By Product Type

Based on product type, the log cabins or log homes market can be divided into:

  • Hand-Crafted Log Homes
  • Manufactured or Milled Log Homes