Surprise your loved one with these mouth-watering gifts

Picking the ideal gift for your friends and family members can be tough. There are infinite gifting options available in the market. If the person whom you are gifting is a foodie, then the choices become tougher. The way the food industry has evolved in the past few years, there are a lot of delicious and tasty food items that you can give. From chocolates to freshly baked products to coffee, the list of choices is huge. So, if you are confused about picking a mouth-watering food item for gifting, then you are reading the right article. We have consolidated the list of some of the tastiest food products that you can blindly pick for gifting.

Organic Spices Set

Spices bring out delicious flavor in the dishes and help to preserve them also. A set of organic spices displayed in beautiful tins is an ideal gift for students, newlyweds, and new homeowners. Hot paprika, turmeric powder, pepper, or ground sumac are some of the spices that come in this pack. This high-quality set of spices is available in grocery stores or on online portals for you to buy for your friends and families.

Olive oil gift set

Extra-virgin olive oil is good to cook food due to its health benefits. A set of 100ml bottles of different types of olive oil will be a good gift for your loved ones. The basil-infused olive oil adds peppery flavor to Italian recipes like pizza, pasta, pesto sauces, marinades, etc. Garlic induces olive oil enhances the flavor of salads and seafood dishes. The blood orange infused olive oil adds citrus flavor to the dishes. There are various other flavored olive oils that you can buy to make an olive oil gift set.

Coffee pods

If your loved one is a coffee lover, then you can think of gifting them coffee pods. Coffee lovers need a strong cup of coffee in the morning to start the day. Gifting them with coffee pods will reduce the time they spend in making coffee. Thus, they can focus on other productive activities in the morning. Moreover, these pods can be carried anywhere in your pockets. They can enjoy coffee even during the day. These coffee pods are biodegradable and hence are less harsh on the environment. Such a gift would be truly amazing for anyone.


Cookies are everyone’s favorite. Whether it be a chocolate chip cookie or a snickerdoodle, this gift never goes wrong. If you are celebrating a special occasion, then cookies are a must to have. Cookies are easily available at any local bakery store near your house. You can visit one, pick the flavor you want to gift. More than a dozen cookies can be bought for less than $20. A cookie is a no-brainer gift and suits every occasion or celebration.


Cupcakes are the best way to show your affinity to your friends and family. Cupcakes in a variety of flavors and easily available at any bakery in your locality. Some of the stores provide online delivery as well. Nowadays a lot of 3D art designs are used to make the cupcakes look beautiful. This is the reason kids love cupcakes a lot. No matter what the occasion is, cupcakes never fail to impress. So never think twice before picking cupcakes as a gift for your loved ones.


Everyone loves chocolates, especially kids. It is a universal gift that ticks all the checkboxes. Chocolates come in different flavors that excite the taste buds. If you feel chocolate is on the sweeter side, then you can buy dark chocolate. Dark chocolates not only taste delicious but also have health benefits. It has a higher content of cocoa which is known to improve blood flow, reduce the risk of diabetes, etc. You can pick chocolates from any local grocery store and get it gift-wrapped for any occasion.

When it comes to picking a tasty gift, you have to be creative. The food products listed above are universal gifting choices that can be customized as well. You can pick fancy cupcakes or gift different flavored olive oil or chocolates. The food revolution has made the availability of these items easy even at the last minute. Pick any of the above items and surprise your loved one.