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Stackin’ Up will be distributing artist “Tha Day” new single “ losing interest” very soon

Stackin Up Entertainment

Stackin Up Entertainment LLC is continuing to deliver new artists to the sound waves! Stackin’ Up will be distributing artist “Tha Day” new single “ losing interest” very soon! The 22-year-old from the northwest is presenting the world with a new, fresh sound. Tha Day’s music gives listeners a vibe like no other. Tha Day even creates his own beats and sounds “if I know what I want it to sound like why not learn how to make my own beats” Day said.

“I already knew how to engineer my own vocals so I figured how much harder could it really be to teach myself how to produce my own instrumentals as well”. Tha Day is not new to this, and his love for music has been a very long time coming. He has been writing his own songs since the age of 15 and went on to engineering a year later.

To keep up with Tha Day’s new projects follow him on IG @AkaTha_Day where he has amassed over ten thousand followers and still counting! He currently has 14 posts that just ooze aesthetic vibes all day. From taking selfies with a Canon camera, standing behind the mic letting his imagination run wild, to just simple selfie videos of chilling out and smoking, Tha Day is something to keep your eye on.

You don’t find too many special artists like this one and they are definitely a rare breed. He even plays the electric guitar! Like what! Now that is just wild! He averages over a thousand views on each video too, so he has some heat behind his name. Definitely give him a follow!

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