Have you lost your original SONY Bravia remote or it is not functioning properly? The SONY Bravia remote control by LRIPL is one of the best replacement remote controls for your TV. With all the functions of your original remote, LRIPL brings to you a remote control that works with almost every SONY LED, LCD TV. The LRIPL SONY Bravia remote is a tool that is equipped with all the different controls and buttons to operate your TV smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

This remote allows you to operate your device from the comfort of your sofa, divan or bed, due to its ability to function up to a distance of 12 meters and until a 45-degree angle. It can be used from any corner of the room, even while walking. It has an ergonomic design, which gives it a proper grip and makes it easier to use. Being light in weight, the remote is easier to handle and does not get lost easily because of its design. It is compatible and operates very well. ABS material has been used to manufacture this product, which makes it durable for a longer period of time and does not break so easily. It is made with superior quality material, which makes it last for a longer time. It even has a faster transmitting distance, which means that it does not take a long time to deliver the command to the TV, thus, satisfying your need for a faster-working TV.

This remote does not require any programming or set-up. You just have to insert the batteries and you are good to go! Use the remote with your TV, just like your original remote. The performance of this remote is stable and does not cause any interruptions while you watch your favourite TV shows, serials or even movies. If you have a SONY Bravia TV at home or in your office, you can carry the LRIPL SONY Bravia Compatible TV remote as a useful accessory and it does not take much space in your bag. The keys of this remote have been made with soft rubber, which makes it easy to press for accessing the different functions of the remote. This makes it easier to even access all the functions of the TV. The coding of the colour on the remote makes it easy to identify the different buttons, such as the power button, home button, etc. and even helps to keep the different sets of button reorganized.

However, before you order your replacement remote for your SONY Bravia TV, make sure to match the original remote with the image provided of the LRIPL remote, including the placement of buttons and features, to avoid any confusion. Use AAA batteries to get the remote to function at its best and remove the batteries if the remote is not in use for long, to give it a longer life. The black colour of the remote, with the different colours of the buttons, give it a special look and makes it easier to identify the significant keys. The best quality plastic body has been used, with increased ease of use of the remote. We have manufactured this remote as a perfect replacement for the original remote, which has all its functions.

This remote has a complete warranty of 3 months. If you feel that the product is not up to the mark, or you have any concerns relating to the SONY Bravia remote control, feel free to contact our customer support team, who are always ready to clear all your doubts and answer every question that you have.

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