Sodium Hydride Market Global Briefing

Sodium Hydride Market: Overview

Sodium hydride (NaH) is an alkali metal hydride, i.e. chemical compound consisting of anion of hydrogen with group I elements. It is a salt-like hydride, comprising of Na+ and H ions. Sodium hydride is ionic in nature and insoluble in solvents (except molten sodium). Reactions containing NaH take place at the surface of the solid due to its insolubility.

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Sodium hydride is obtained by the direct reaction of hydrogen and liquid sodium. Pure NaH is colorless but samples commonly appear grey.

Sodium hydride is primarily used in organic synthesis as reducing agent, drying agent, hydrogen storage, and strong base for deprotonation of alcohols, amides, phenols, esters, ketones, and other functional groups to support their nucleophilic substitution.

Some example of deprotonation by sodium hydride are conversion of alcohols to sodium alkoxides, thiols to sodium thiolates, and 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds to stabilized sodium enolates.

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Sodium hydride is the type of chemically acting drying agent that react chemically with water and can not be regenerated. This is because the agent has already been subjected to a process that changes its chemical composition.

Sodium Hydride Market Trend

Dry powder of about 8 to 200 mesh in size (sodium hydride dry, 95%) and moist, paste-like material (sodium hydride 60% dispersion in mineral oil) are the commercially available forms of sodium hydride. Sodium hydride is flammable in air; therefore, it is dispersed in mineral oil to lower its high reactivity with air. This form is easy and safe to handle; hence, it is available in larger quantity.

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As a drying agent, sodium hydride has scope in industrial cleaning solutions. These cleaners are invaluable in the electronics industry where water can negatively impact the integrity of the part, or equally as important in aerospace or car assembly where water can compromise the seal of a product or the finish during assembly. Without drying agents, most green alternative and eco friendly industrial cleaners cannot be comprised. Solutions prepared from drying agents are also used in paint industry to provide the paint with drying property.


Segmentation of Sodium Hydride Market

Segmentation of sodium hydride market is carried out on the basis of its appearance, applications and end-use industry.

Based on appearance, the sodium hydride market can be segmented into dry powder and dispersion in mineral oil.

Based on application, the market can be segmented into reducing agent, drying agent, hydrogen storage, and deprotonation agent.

Based on end-use industry, the market can be segmented into pain industry, electronics industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry etc.

Sodium Hydride Market: Region-wise outlook

In terms of production, Asia Pacific leads the sodium hydride market due to the presence of large number of manufacturers in China. The region is followed Europe and North America, respectively.

Sodium Hydride Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the sodium hydride market include Natrizen Chemicals Pvt Ltd., Mahidhara Chemicals Private Limited, Angene International, Advanced Technology & Industrial Co. Ltd., KANTO KAGAKU, Albemarle, Fisher Scientific, CELLMARK AB, BOC Sciences, Shijiazhuang Aopharm Import & Export Trading Co. Ltd., and Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Limited.