Snake Robot Market Demand & Future Scope Including Top Players forecast to 2026

Snake Robot Market: Overview

The robotics has brought revolution in automation process across various end use industry. Robotics is now been majorly used in industry’s, surgery, airplanes, ships and communication. Snake robot are automating systems that provides compelling enhancement in the efficiency of surgery and infiltration of spaces that were previously impenetrable. These are portable devices and are extension to existing robotic arms. It is also known as Snakebot and resembles to that of biological snakes. The first snake like robot was built by Prof. Hirose in 1972. These snake robots comes in different sizes, shapes & designs. These are pretty mobile and are built on hardware and software technology. It has two significant qualities, one of the quality is its ability to maneuver through and move into confined spaces.

The other quality includes the ability to change the shape of its body that allows them to perform in wide range of circumstances, such as climbing tree trunks or climbing stairs. Furthermore, most snake robots are composed by chaining a number of independent links together. This adds redundancy in snake robots that makes them resistant to breakdown, even if the some part of the robots being destroyed. Properties such as redundancy, high terrain ability and complete scaling of the robot body makes snake robot very alluring for constructive application. These are mostly used in confined spaces. Confined spaces exist in aircraft wings, nuclear reactors, industrial processing plant, the human body, underwater environments space and ship-building. Roads, buildings, pipelines and other human spaces all have confined spaces. Snake robots have a slender, long and flexible design without any protrusions thus they can easily maneuvered into any position and retract back without disturbing their environment.

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Snake Robot Market: Highlights

For instance, recently a 7.1 magnitude earthquake had struck Mexico City wherein the snake robots where used for search and rescue operations to look for survivors. These snake robots provide assistance to rescue workers by reaching into fragile and difficult situations so that they could see things that they otherwise could not.

The snake robot leverages a new innovative technique for robotic movement that is beneficial for users by providing suitable access to difficult spaces. Also, it is used in undersea for inspection purpose. Also, their ability to change the shape of its body according to changing environment could drive the snake robot market. However, the snake robot is currently in research stage and the available snake robot are very costly that acts as restraint in snake robot market.

Snake Robot Market: Key Segments

Global snake robot market can be segmented into component, applications and end-use industry. On the basis of component, snake robot market can be bifurcated as hardware, software and services. Again, the hardware segment can be bifurcated into sensors, servo motors, IC controllers, pneumatic tubes & wires, lithium ion battery and others. By applications, snake robot market can be segmented into monitoring & surveillance, fire extinguishing, maintenance & inspection, nuclear decommissioning, surgeries and others. Maintenance & inspection is one the major dominating application of snake robots. This application is majorly used in aircraft wings and large manufacturing sites as these places are very narrow and it is very difficult for the employee to clean, inspect these places. On the basis of End-Use industry, the snake robot market can be further segmented into defense & military, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, education and others.

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Geographically, snake robot market can be bifurcated into North America, South America Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to have the highest market share among all the regions due to the presence of many research and development institutes and robotic automation systems manufacturing companies that are keen on developing snake robots that can be used various applications

Snake Robot Market: Key Players

Some of the prominent companies that are into manufacturing of Snake Robot market includes Medrobotics, HiBot, OC Robotics, Hirose Fukushima Laboratory, Sintef, Applied robotics Technologies LLC, Sarcos Corporation, Kuka Automation Company, Tokyo Institute of technology, Tesla Inc., Carnegie Mellon University and many among others. These major companies are currently in process of making several snake robot prototypes in order to understand the snake’s locomotion and also they are working on various prototypes that can be used in harsh external outdoor environment.

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