Slot- 3-reel or 5-reel?

The early tragamonedas were the best version of the juegos tragamonedas. The machines have the manual lever that needs to be pulled for the reels to start rotating and land on different numbers and patterns. Those machines have limited number of games and choices. Now, with the online juegos de casino there are a lot more modifications to the game. With the 3-reel, the online games have 5-reel slots or 7-reel slots. The video slots can now be played on the online gambling site along with the 3-D slots.

When you talk aboutjuegos tragamonedas inan online casino, there are hundreds of games related to it. But with constant development, the usual 3-reel slots have changed to 5-reel slots. It is noticed that 5-reels are much better than 3-reels. It has more bonus offers and bigger prize amounts. So, let’s check.

Payout percentage.

The payout percentage is the money taken by the slot as a wager and is returned to them as a win. It is also known as Return to Player, (RTP). Now, the payout percentage depends on the limit set in the video slot or the slot machine. So, be it 3-reel or 5-reel or even 10-reel, if the payout percentage is set to be 95%, it will keep 2% of it, and the rest is paid to the player.

Lower vs Higher volatility

Based on the volatility the players can choose which game to play. Some players that like to spend more time on their game, and with cash balance for betting should go for a 3-reel slot. These players are the ones waiting for that progressive jackpot to crack. Hence, 3-reels are less volatile than 5-reel games.

The 5-reel have more volatility, they have better audio and visual effects. The 3-reels are larger with graphics and colors, which may not be appealing to the modern generation.

Winning combination

Now, the reason why 5-slots are more trending is that it is observed to create more winnings. The slots will have both the win and losses. The 5-reels are advanced with more number of pay lines which more possibility to win. The lines can be horizontally, vertically, zig-zag, diagonally, and V-shape. The players get to select the lines to play and bet. If the combination is not on pay lines, then no reward to the player, it is called a deactivated line.

Few 5-reel slots do not give the advantage to choose the site but bet on each line in every spin. The number, however, depends on the Random Number Generator (RNG).

The max bet

The Max bet means the higher amount of wager on a spin. There are different juegostragamonedas both modified and real version. From the standard classic slot to progressive jackpots, to 3D slots, and then 5-reels slot and video slots.

It depends on the player which slot variety would they choose.

As said there are more options to play, thus check the online casino sites for better understanding.