Silver recycling

Silver recycling has been a growing trend in the last couple years, the environmental wave is growing by the minute, and we think that is a great thing for the planet! But today we are going to talk about a way of recycling silver that most people might not have in mind: Green Cremation and Burial. Cremation recycling is relatively a new thing, even between crematories, but it should definitely be considered as it is the ultimate act of environmental care you can do.


Silver price has been going up in the last year and that is due to the fact that most electronic devices (especially newer technologies like solar panels, 5G mobile networks, and some medical devices) use silver in their circuits or other components, creating a great demand. The problem with this is that the silver suppliers are struggling to keep up with the market’s needs, and when theres high demand and low supply… well I don’t need to tell you that prices can only go up and up.


So there is also a high deman for new sources of silver to take a step forward, and silver recycling has answered the call. Yet the nearly 56.6 million ounces of silver recycled last year in the US barely made it to cover the need. That is why silver cremation recycling is an important relatively new brand of supply. 


Not only that, the environmental impact of not recycling silver can be important. Silver in itself is not toxic, but many silver compounds that could form when this element gets in contact with other substances, can be greatly damaging to the environment and the people and animals.


Now you might be wondering how does post-cremation silver recycling work, and here’s how. After a body is cremated, most organic substances are burned and turned into ashes. But inorganic elements, like silver and other metals, do not decompose. These metals, which come from dental implants, pacemakers, and other medical devices and implans, can ve recovered and repurposed trough recyclign.


The important fact here is not only to choose a crematory that does this silver recycling, but also to understand where they send their materials.


The fact is, not all recycling companies care about environmental compliance. There are two tipes of metal recycling companies that work with crematories. A direct refiner (the one who actually owns the refinery) is always the best choice. Just as all that glitters isn’t gold, not everyone offering to buy your post-cremation metal is a direct refiner. Most recyclers, scrap dealers, and waste haulers are essentially middlemen who do not have the equipment or expertise to properly recover and refine precious metals themselves. They have to hire a refiner, which adds costs that eat into the money they can return to you.


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