Sanitizer Packaging Market Share, Insights by 2031

Sanitizer is the cleaning solution used to prevent the transmission of germs or infectious through the touch. Sanitizers are widely used in offices, schools & colleges, houses, and other public domains. The sanitizers are available in gel, liquid, foam, or other forms. The sanitizer packaging is used to store & carry sanitizer with maintaining its quality. The sanitizer packaging is available in various forms such as bottles, sprayers, jars, and others. The sanitizer packaging help to safely store & secure the product from spilling over. The sanitizer packaging with child resistant packaging helps to protect the product from children as it is harmful to them. Furthermore, the sanitizer packaging makes it possible to customize the availability of sanitizer in small packs, medium packs or large packs. The COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to the usage of sanitizer at a faster pace which ultimately bolsters the sales of sanitizer packaging. Overall the market for sanitizer packaging seems rapidly growing in the forecasted period with the rising usage of health & hygiene products & increasing players in sanitizer market.

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Drastically increase in the use of sanitizers due to rising virus & diseases is the major factor uplifting the sales of sanitizer packaging in the market. The increased demand for sanitizer leads to a gap in supply which gave birth to new players in sanitizer market which ultimately pushed the market growth for sanitizer packaging. The risk of contamination and infection drives the demand for sanitizer packaging in various end-use industries. Also, the health awareness camp and session around the world insist the public to use hand sanitizers for their protection which fuelled the demand for sanitizer and indirectly for sanitizer packaging. Availability of sanitizer in various packaging along with different fragrance flavours propels the sales of sanitizer packaging. The sanitizer packaging gives aesthetic look to the product with make it easy and ideal to cater for the demand on the e-commerce platform. Moreover, the sanitizer packaging protects the sanitizer from exposure to external environmental factors which drives the sales for sanitizer packaging. The excellent barrier properties of packaging and protection against spilling over augments the sales for sanitizer packaging. The use of sanitizer has increased day by day in every public and private places which generate the massive demand for sanitizer packaging. The future outlook for sanitizer packaging is estimated to expand during the forecasted period on the back of all these factors.

Sanitizer Packaging Market: Segmentation

On the basis of Packaging Type, the sanitizer packaging market is segmented into:

  • Bottles
  • Sprayers
  • Jars
  • Sachet
  • Others

On the basis of Material Type, the sanitizer packaging market is segmented into:

  • Plastic
  • Metal

On the basis of End-Use, the sanitizer packaging market is segmented into:

  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Residential

Sanitizer Packaging Market: Regional Outlook

Based on geography, the sanitizer packaging market is categorized into North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC, and MEA Regions. The APAC countries such as India, China, and others provide rapid market growth opportunity for sanitizer packaging manufacturer due to the increasing sanitizer manufacturer in these regions and also increasing use of hygienic products for safety by consumers. The growing concern regarding health and hygiene in the US, Germany, Italy, and other countries bolster the demand for sanitizers which ultimately augment the sales of sanitizer packaging. The COVID pandemic has forced consumers to focus on health concern which leads to increased use of health and hygiene products. On the back of this factor, the demand for sanitizer packaging market is rapidly rising majorly in all the regions.

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Sanitizer Packaging Market: Key Players

Some of the leading global sanitizer packaging manufacturers: –

  • Berry Global Inc.
  • Precise Packaging
  • MJS Packaging
  • Adelphi Group
  • Scholle IPN
  • Glenroy, Inc.

Some of the leading APAC sanitizer packaging manufacturers: –

  • Shantou Jinlin Packaging Industry Co. Ltd.
  • Ningbo Jazz Packaging Co.,Ltd.
  • Plus Poly Pack
  • AG Poly Packs Private Limited
  • Cospak Ltd.

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