Sadfishing – Learn About Its Consequences


Everyone is on social networking sites these days, and you must know what is the current trend on social media? Well, every day we wake up and check any social platform, we get to know trending news that spread like wildfire. Some online users take it seriously and make comments, some make negative comments, and a few just scroll down to check other news. But the majority get affected by what they see in the newsfeed. Shad fishing is also becoming common these days. But parents can download the phone tracking app on kid phones to monitor their location and online activities. 

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Sadfishing – The What?

Sadfishing refers to a behavioural trend where an online user shares the experience of emotional breakdown to gain the attention of others. Most celebrities pretend that they are going through a tough time and drive the attention of many towards them. Well, every online user does not follow the Sadfishing trend, but many people used this trick. 

Does it Affect Our Youth? – Consequences 

There are two significant consequences of Sadfishing that affect the young generation:

Become Attention Seekers

A celebrity got thousands of followers on Instagram, Twitter and other platforms. When he/she shares a Sadfishing post, the followers react. When the followers get to know, that the celebrity pretends, they follow them and become an attention seeker. They also post some emotional breakdown experience to gain the sympathy of others. 

Such Trend Targets Real Ones 

Encountering Sadfishing posts cause trust issues, and a user is unable to decide whom he/she should trust. When a teenager shares real-life experience online, other people also count it as Sadfishing and result in cyberbullying. In the UK, a kid shared his depression causes, but every online user took it as Sadfishing, and his peers bullied that child in real-life. 

Why Kids Need Emotional Support?

Children have their own ways of thinking, and they also face problems in life, including bullying, inferiority complex, low self-esteem, predating, molestation, etc. They want someone who gets the back and tells them not to worry. Parents do not focus on how kids feel and often avoid them due to busy routine. That’s why they take the help from social media and share their insecurities with online friends. As a result of such insecure posts, the friends target the victim with bullying behaviour and often interact with sexual abusers who later get them involved in commercial level abuse. 

Get to Know If Your Child is Attention Seeker or Meeting a Sexual Predator in Person 

Sadfishing by celebrities often leads the follower in the wrong direction. Indeed, your child also follows many people, but it is your job to ensure if he/she becomes an attention seeker or not. It is possible only by using a phone tracking app, like TheWiSpy. Yes, you should monitor what your kid does online and what he or she shares with friends. 

Location Tracking – Mobile Tracker

Location tracking is also a must for our new generations as they have more access to a smartphone than any other Gen. 

When they share emotional stress or insecurity on social media, any predator can come forward to support them and here, things can go worse. Recent incidents show that such individuals also invite the kids to meet in-person. Parents should check if their children bunk school to meet a stranger with a Phone tracking app.

Wrapping Up

Today, we can’t claim if an online user shares a real or a fake mental health problem. Many users do Sadfishing to get the likes and comments or to be on too trending. A user can share an informative post, but the individual insecure posts can let you down in no time with bullying. TheWiSpy mobile tracker helps the parents for location tracking service and also give access to the online activities through a user-friendly control panel. Parents can limit the access of the child and restrict the access to fake posts using a Phone tracking app. 

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