Reward and promotion views

Like the name suggest, these are views that are generated by bots. Bots are a type of software programs that are designed to mimic human behavior by doing things that only humans would normally do. Most companies commonly use bot to deliver views when buyers order them. These kinds of viewers usually come from fake YouTube accounts and will normally end up doing more harm to your account than goods. You can easily know if the views you have on your vides are from genuine human beings or from bots by clicking on the associated YouTube account. You will notice that the YouTube accounts that are associated with the views are fake. They will have names such as Xye!87MiTn.Now, that can’t be a genuine name for a person, can it?

What is wrong with these accounts is that they can be easily detected by YouTube’s algorithm and cause your account to be suspended or even banned. Bot views do not add any value to your channel and are not worth having at all.

Manual Views

These kinds of views are not similar to bot views because they actually originate from real people. These kinds of views are generated by a team of people who are paid by companies that sell views to view and like your video once you buy the service. These teams of people usually have control of multiple accounts that they use to generate the views. A single person can for example have control of 30 accounts. If the team is composed of 200 people, they can easily generate 6, 000 views. Assuming that each person views the video ten times, they can raise the views to 60, 000 easily.

This practice is however less common compared to the use of bots because it is not easy or even feasible to assemble a huge team of people to provide the necessary views that YouTubers are always in dire need of. These views can be noticed by the fact that the associated accounts usually have very old posts, coming from several months ago. This is because the people that generate the views never have the time to post any useful content in their accounts.

Reward and promotion views

Reward views are usually generated from organic engagement using marketing schemes. In this marketing schemes, companies set members of the public to like or view your content in order to earn a given prize. People who view the content are rewarded with gift items or even likes of their own. What is wrong with this method is that the views it generates are not genuine and the people that view your content are not sourced from your target audience.

Promotion views involve the provider creating a marketing plan that bases on the YouTube videos and content of the customer. The marketing plan attracts organic views and engagement.  Of all the methods of generating views discussed above, promotion views are the ones that generate the most organic engagement and you should always go for them and not the others.


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