Rent iPads at events: a successful instrumental service

The iPad has become a tool to increase the success of projects and professional activities of any kinds. These are some of the most common actions in which the iPad rental contributes and energizes decisively:

In Conferences, Fairs and stands Live voting, Catalogs Data, Collect Interactive, meetings ,Gym, Check-ins, Presentations… and much more with one or hundreds of iPads!

Why rent iPads?

Renting an iPad will allow you to elevate your event in quality and prestige while incorporating a tremendously versatile, useful high-tech tool with the all-important feature of being very easy to use without the (never welcome) headaches associated with problems computer science of other technologies. IPads bring efficiency and enhance your event without causing difficulties.


  • Compared to buying, rent an iPad tablets, either one or more, will allow you to save significantly on the costs of your event.
  • Maintaining a stock of iPads and managing the inventory and configuration of each equipment can be problematic, with the rental you do not have to do that management.
  • The tailor-made configuration of a large number of mobile devices per event is also a key factor when deciding to rent iPads instead of buying.
  • IPad 4G rental: The hiring and management of 3G / 4G lines and plans, involves a significant amount of work that must be taken into account, in rented equipment this may be included if required.


Rent iPad with Apps and solutions for events

Without a doubt, the iPad is one of the advantageous things that has happened to the world of events in recent years. And the App Store built into the iPad is a fundamental part of that success.

You can ask and companies will advise you with the best options according to your event. they want your iPad rental to get you and your visitors or employees the best possible experience according to your needs.

Visit the App Store and select all the apps you need on your rental iPads. Do you build special iPad Apps tailored to your needs? No problem: the sky is the limit! Examples?  customers use the tablet to upload interactive catalogues, manage guests, use live voting systems at conferences or interact with visitors to their booth.


The iPads of the tablet rental service

The iPad has an extraordinary 9.7-inch screen in its standard model or 12.9 in the iPad Pro, providing a great feeling when handling it. The iPad Pro rental is ideal when a large screen is required.

IPads of any model also come factory equipped with an infinity of fantastic technological features, for example, wireless printing, front and rear cameras, Bluetooth, speakers, file transmission between computers.


The battery life is crucial and deserves special mention since no other tablet with these characteristics has a battery that lasts as long as that of the iPad (a fundamental issue in our experience with most event situations that our rental service handles).

they have several models of iPad for rent that can meet your need, iPad (6th generation), iPad (5th generation), iPad Air 9.7 “rental, iPad Air 2 9.7”, iPad Air 10.5 “(3rd generation), iPad Pro rental 12.9 “, iPad Pro 11”, iPad Pro 10.5 “, Rental iPad Mini 7.9”, models compatible with ARkit, adapters with HDMI outputs, in addition to Apple Pencil, the iPad operating system is iOS and iPad.



IPad connection to the Internet and internal WiFi and 3G / 4G networks

iPads tablets can connect to any WiFi network provided by the event venue or be “always connected” to the Internet using 3G / 4G mobile data services. Each option has its disadvantages and its advantages. In events held in prepared locations such as fairgrounds, multi-use spaces and hotels, there is usually a Wi-Fi network ready to connect the equipment.