Reasons to use the Leg Compression Machines

It is quite common to massage your feet for various reasons. In recent times, technology in the massage department has brought advanced machines to help and fasten the process of healing. Air compression leg massager is a good example of a Leg Compression Machine.

The benefits of using an air compression leg massager are huge. If you know what you are doing with the machine, you will be able to have a speedy recovery from the pain you have. Here, in this article, we will talk about how this Leg Compression Machine will benefit you.


Muscle recovery

If you have done any intense sporting activity or exercises recently, your muscles can wear out. You will be required to give them some time off to heal in the process. The healing time in this case may take longer sometimes. However, if you decide to use a Leg Compression Machine, like air compression leg massager, your recovery time will get reduced.

According to some current studies, lymphatic therapy is capable of accelerating the process of muscle recovery.

Improved blood circulation

The heaviness in your legs can be reduced by the leg massager. Also, you will get relief from the achy sensation after your exercise. Know that the proper blood circulation can provide anyone the necessary relief along with the speeded healing process. That’s why people, who are suffering from muscle soreness, surgery, trauma, and daily wear and tear, can use this machine.

Relief from pain and aches

If you know how to use this machine properly, the intensity of your aches will get reduced. This kind of relaxation is required and it helps to manage the patient’s health conditions and allow them to live a better and productive life.

Allow removing the accumulated fluids

Swelling in the legs can happen because of edema, primary lymphedema, and venous insufficiency, etc. It occurs due to the lymphatic fluids accumulation in the feet or other parts of the body. Anyone will feel uncomfortable in this kind of state and in that case, the leg massager can help to drain the fluids.

It will ultimately enhance the mobility of yours by protecting your veins, muscles, and connective tissues.

Muscle tone

The machine can stimulate fat metabolism by toning the skin. The skin’s cellulite will break and connective tissues will be reinforced in the process.

Who is allowed to use this machine?

You have these following medical issues, consult your doctor before you use this machine.

  • High blood pressure patients
  • Patients with pacemakers
  • Those who have implants in the affected area

Do not use the machine if you are suffering from these conditions-

  • Acute pulmonary edema
  • If pulmonary embolism episodes happen
  • Acute infections
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone fractures or dislocation
  • Blood clots
  • Any open wound at the affected site
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Acute thrombophlebitis

Remember that air compression therapy is considered to be the easiest and safest method in order to recover from a sports injury or any muscle soreness. The machine will cut your recovery time in half.