Reasons to Get Dental Implants in Mexico

Have you considered getting dental implants but changed your mind because they were too  expensive? Many people flock to Mexico to get dental implants because they are affordable, quality implants.

Dental implants in the US are quite expensive, and most individuals cannot afford them. Mexico’s dental implants are considerably cheaper than in the US.

Mexico has become the premier destination for superior dental services. Mexico has exceptional care, quick dental services, and their rates will not put a severe dent in your wallet. In addition to top-notch quality care, Mexico is a beautiful and friendly tourist destination.

What are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are the most popular way to restore lost teeth. A dental implant is a tiny screw manufactured from alloys such as zirconium oxide and titanium. The dentist arranges the implant into your jawbone to restore the tooth’s original root.

In preparation for placing the implant, the dentist must determine if the jaw has sufficient bone to support the implant. If the bone is not strong enough to support the implant, the surgeon will perform a bone graft surgery before placing the implant. Eventually, the implant will merge with the bones in your body.

During the final stage of the implant surgery, the dentist will place a temporary crown on the implant. In the future, a permanent white crown will be added to your implant, wrapping up the procedure.

What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

In contrast to dentures and dental bridges, dental implants are the superior choice. In addition to restoring your smile, dental implants look natural. Implants mimic your teeth better than dentures or bridges ever could.

Dental implants give you the luxury of eating and drinking anything you want to. With dentures, you cannot eat specific foods such as caramel, apples, and corn.

The biggest benefit of dental implants is the implants are permanent. You cannot sleep in dentures. They are removed from your mouth every night.

How Long Does the Surgery Take? 

The surgery has several steps. If the dentist inserts a bone graft in addition to the implant, the healing process must be complete. Then the dentist can add the crown.

Depending on the implant, it could take 10-15 minutes to embed the implant, or it could take over an hour to place the implant. The duration of the surgery is predicted by bone density in your jaw and the size of the implant.

After having the implant, you can travel after two days. However, if you have a full set of dental implants or have several surgeries performed at the same time you will have to wait a couple of days before traveling.

 Are dental Implants Painful?

Many individuals describe the experience of getting Mexico dental implants as very pleasant with little to no pain. Most dental surgeries leave the mouth slightly sore for a couple of days. During dental surgery, anesthesia is given to the patient as well as medications to manage the pain.