Reasons for failure with paint by numbers

If you use a paint by numbers custom kit, you should know the various reasons for which the painting fails at times. Let us discuss them.

Disrespecting the instruction manual 

Every painting by numbers kit will come with an instruction manual. These booklets will guide you throughout the process of painting by numbers. However, the majority of the users do not use this manual. They think that they know the concept of using a paint by numbers kit and they could use this. However, they do not know that each kit will differ from the other. So, you should not miss to check out the manual to find out the right way to use the paint by numbers kit. For instance, you could find that the number five on one canvas board indicates the red color and on another indicates the green color. Some canvas boards will have two numbers in a single space written like 3/8. If so, you should understand that you should use both colors that correspond to three and eight combined in that space. Some spaces will not have any number or other indications. If so, you can check the manual. Once you check, you will get to know that you should not paint in that space where it is blank. Likewise, the instruction manual will give you a lot of inputs. So, if you disrespect the instruction manual, you are on the wrong path.

Going from the bottom 

You would have heard the term called smudging during painting. Smudging is the process of applying a color paint all over the board unnecessarily, mostly due to accidents. The second major reason for failures with paint by numbers kit is that you will smudge frequently by painting from the bottom. As the picture will have spaces with numbers all over the board, you can start either from the top or from the bottom. When you decide to go from the bottom, you will paint the lower spaces first. Before they get dried completely, you will place your palm over them to paint the upper spaces. Once you do so, the color stains on your palm will get transferred to other areas. Hence, your painting will get collapsed. So, you should start painting from the top always.

Do not start with light colors

If you love to paint lighter colors than darker ones, you would have to reduce your interests and begin with the darker ones. It is an unwritten rule that the darker colors will show the composition of the picture well than the lighter colors. So, painters who wish to know the composition of the painting before it gets over should begin with painting the darker colors on the board. They should look for the numbers that represent the darker colors and start applying them. If two dark colors are closely spaced, it is better to wait until space gets dried. So, you should keep in mind that you have to begin your painting with dark colors.