The global yeast extract and beta glucan market is expected to witness expand considerably due to the increased usage of cellulosic bio-fuels and need for probiotic functional food. In addition to that, rapid industrialization and demand for processed food products have grown exponentially. As a result of such growth promoting factors, global yeast extract and beta glucan market is likely to experience soaring demand from various end-users.

Biotec Pharmacon ASA, Angel Yeast Co. Ltd, Royal DSM N.V, Specialty Biotech Co., Ltd.,ABF Ingredients, and Lallemand Inc. are some of the leading companies that are functional in the global yeast extract and beta glucan market.

Transparency Market Research in its new research report bearing the title ‘Yeast Extract and Beta Glucan Market’ clearly explains the market drivers, opportunities, restrains, size and growth. According to this report, global yeast extract and beta glucan market will rise at robust 7.6% CAGR during the forecast period.

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Extensive Usage in Food Processing Industry Accelerates Growth

Broad scope of applications across numerous industries is ascribed to for the robust growth of the global yeast extract and beta glucan market. For example, depending on the method of extraction, yeast extract can be used in autolyzed or hydrolyzed form with each of the forms having different applications. In the personal care industry, hydrolyzed yeast extract is used for the making of anti-static ad hair conditioning products. It is finds its usage as flavoring agents in many food preparations. On the other hand, autolyzed yeast extract is used as an cheaper substitute of monosodium glutamate (MSG).

The global yeast extract and beta glucan market is prophesized to make promising strides driven by their increasing application in the food production sector across the globe. The large-scale application of yeast extract as natural ingredients in the industry of processed food is a remarkable element that is steering the global yeast extract and beta glucan market towards robust growth.


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Rapid industrialization and fast-paced urbanization have resulted in hectic lifestyle that demands consumption of processed food. The potential usage of beta glucan as functional ingredients in the food industry is acting as a catalyst for the rapid growth of the global yeast extract and beta glucan market.

A sizeable chunk of the revenue in the global yeast extract and beta glucan market arises from the extensive requirement for yeasts in the production of functional food and dairy products, particularly across Europe. The growing usage of yeast extract and beta glucan in the many other sectors such as beverages, animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals is continuously improving the market.

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The global yeast extract and beta glucan market is expected to reap benefits from the growing need for yeast extracts and beta glucan in the making of cellulosic biofuels. Besides, their usage in the probiotic functional food segment is also an attractive opportunity for market players.

Yeast extracts might not be used as flavor enhancers but they find substantial application as ingredients in the food and beverage industry. Ready-to-eat meals, functional foods and drinks, baked and frozen products, sauces, soups, and snacks all make use of yeast extracts at a significant rate.

On the other hand, one of the major factors that is restraining the growth of the global yeast extract and beta glucan market is the scarcity of a compulsory yeast extract raw material, i.e. molasses. Nonetheless, companies are keeping their hopes alive with the available opportunities in the sector of processed food for novel solutions and extensive usage of yeast extracts and its derivatives.


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