Rap Artists That Made A Comeback After Going To Jail

Due to their impeccable skill and charm, numerous rappers around the globe have achieved popularity. There are times, though, where existence throws them to the test, and immediately they fade from the limelight. Along the road, some of them got lost and broke the rule. Some rappers get so wrapped up with their popularity, assuming they’re above the rules. They get increasingly bold and rash, even going as far as potentially violating the rules.

It’s not so shocking to find a rapper receive prison time on the television for breaking someone else’s vehicle or thrashing a bar or party. Often there are several significant situations including distribution of illicit substances and weapons. All the drinking will quickly transform into sessions on narcotics. Even their popularity places them at high risk of conflict, which causes them to take up their own weapons and then get into further conflict. Often, to show off their newfound popularity and strength, narcotics, alcohol, and weapons are used, but their success does not render them resistant to retribution from the law. Have you ever asked why you’ve ever put your favourite rapper in jail?


Noted as one of the best rappers on RapTV of all time, Tupac has often been recognized in the public eye for his divisive acts. Any of those scandals ended up throwing the artist in court, we might add more than once. Pac’s most notorious conviction came in 1993, where a 19-year-old girl came physically assaulted. The young lady was reported to have been sexually assaulted and sodomized by Tupac and three of his friends. Tupac was sentenced to four years and a half in jail in 1995. Fortunately for Pac, he had worked in jail just a few months before his early release.

6ix9ine Tekashi:

Tekashi 6ix9ine, who claims he will be out of prison in 2023 despite rolling on friends in the gang Nine Trey Bloods, is still bringing together his new song.

The artist was released early from jail for being exposed to coronavirus. He launched his first new single, “Gooba,” and then talked candidly to a two million crowd.

6ix9ine fired up his Instagram account soon after the single was published for a live-streamed rant that lasted approximately 13 minutes and was viewed by as many as two million viewers. The rap community has closely monitored 6ix9ine (also identified as Tekashi69) after escaping a lengthy-term — he potentially faced as much as 37 years — by working with authorities against his former Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods group mates.

Lil Wayne:

Privately identified as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., in the 2000s, the musician identified as Lil Wayne was regularly imprisoned for selling weed and other regulated drugs. One prominent arrest in Yuma, Arizona, occurred in January 2008. On his tour bus, the police located some grams of opium, ecstasy, and cocaine.

Pleading guilty, Lil Wayne was sentenced to one year’s incarceration at a detention institution in Rikers Island. There, he will again be charged with carrying contraband after jail officers found an MP3 Player in his cell and other devices.

Lil Wayne has not released a No. 1 solo album in five years, considering the popularity of his first post-prison record, 2011’s Tha Carter IV, which shipped 900,000-plus copies in the first week and ultimately went double platinum (although not without controversy). Now he is struggling with newer, professional hip-hop musicians riding a new trend. The ones that were in grade school when Lil Wayne fell Tha Block Is Hot in 1999, his debut solo record. The ones who have grown up listening to his mixtapes. The ones that, with him in mind, molded themselves.