Radiologex disrupts healthcare industry by leveraging blockchain technology

Mankind is going through one of its toughest phases right now-thanks to the COVID 19 Pandemic. However, it has also provided us with the opportunity to review many of our shortcomings in certain sectors. Also, it has managed to open the eyes of the administration and people alike.

Countries around the world have been guilty of not upgrading their health infrastructure and today are paying the ultimate price. However, instead of being critical, this is the time to be innovative. Yes, nations are continuously in touch with each other regarding the supply of drugs, monitoring the health statistics, and aiding in the development of potential vaccines.

This is where need for top-class communication infrastructure arises. Particularly in the global healthcare sector. Currently, the healthcare sector is using outdated IT platforms and methods. Not only are they unreliable, but they are slow and also are significantly taxing on the nations. This is where Radiologex comes into play.

What is Radiologex?

Radiologex is a comprehensive platform that offers a wide variety of services related to healthcare. However, the interesting aspect is the fact that it is powered by Blockchain. The significance of this move is the security that it offers. Blockchain is the driving technology behind Bitcoins. As a result, Radiologex becomes quite secure. Many IT services and platforms use an outdated architecture that can be easily bypassed or hacked. However, Radiologex is one tough nut to crack.

Yes, there are a variety of projects in the same segment but here’s how Radiologex distinguishes from any other platform.

What are the Services offered in Radiologex?

  1. RDEE Messenger: The RDEE messenger lets you share critical information with your peers around the globe in real-time. Dual-encryption allows maximum security and is a must for front-line health workers.
  2. RDEE Pay: This is a token payment network that makes transactions quite easy. Also, the transaction fee is quite less.
  3. RDEE PACS: This is one of the most important features available. You can view, track, report, and secure HD images. Speed nor storage won’t be an issue and the images will be of high-quality that meet DICOM standards. The images will be stored on the blockchain. Also, you can see who viewed the images via advanced encryption techniques.
  4. RDEE Infosys: This is basically a set of tools that helps you gain information and manage patients. You can track patients, get reports of results, make schedules, etc. Also, it is scalable and can be customized as per need.
  5. RDEE Marketplace: This is basically a global healthcare market where you can buy and sell medical equipment. You can make secure transactions and check the authenticity of the transaction with the help of Know Your Seller/Buyer Certificates.
  6. RDEE Service on Demand: Here, you can contact independent service providers scattered across the world. You can get help via chat, voice calls, video conference, or in person. Also, you can get your service request completed whenever you want.
  7. RDEE Content and Apps: You can avail third-party and medical-related apps like RDEE AI Medical Data Analytics which is basically a neural network repository for assessing cases. Additionally, you can view information from trusted sources at high speed without any bandwidth limitations.

This is not just it. Check our Radiologex whitepaper to understand in detail.

Radiologex in the COVID19 crisis

There are many ways by which Radiologex can be helpful in the current scenario. First of all, all the users are authenticated and verified. One of the biggest challenges faced by government is in stemming the flow of false information. This is where Radiologex helps as all the users are already identified. Moreover, all the transactions are recorded in Blockchain within seconds which helps in the easy and quick execution of contracts and deals.

Also, officials who need to quickly secure a large volume of PPE kits can do so through the RDEE marketplace. Also, communication is made significantly easy through the RDEE messenger. RDEE Infosys can be used to track and monitor people who are suspected to be victims of COVID. Front-line operations can be managed as well using RDEE Infosys.

RDEE is currently under beta for Android and iOS but you can register for demo right now. There is a free version and different subscription tiers like RDEE pro and RDEE Plus. The user interface is excellent and the technical support offered is impressive.

Well, none projects can be evaluated by having a look at their attractive feature and demo, right? This is where a solid team plays a vital role in adoption process. The team incorporates veteran healthcare professionals and physicians to actually convince traditional users. While team members with excellent track record in blockchain and distributed ledger technology is are ready to take the develop to a new level. Considering that, Radiologix is not just a project on paper backed by a few members but this is something solid you can trust on!