Questions you should ask your man before saying “I do”?

Questions you should ask

Indeed it is no news that courtship is not the same as marriage. While many assume that marriage is all bliss just as courtship, it does not always work out that way.

Instead of making assumptions, you will find it helpful if you ask your man the right questions. You may go ahead and ask as many deep, funny or random questions as you can. You can group the questions and spend quality time going through them. Be sure to ask the five questions listed in this article, and you will be relieved you did.

1. Would you want to have children?

No doubt, this is one pertinent question to ask. Be sure that you are getting married to someone who shares the same desire as you about children. You may also go on to agree on the number of kids you both would love to have. Some people want a large family while some prefer a small one. Whichever way, be sure to agree on the family size and ask further questions about parenting, education, health, and financial implications of raising kids.

2. What is your take on Commitment in marriage?

While this question may seem broad, you can narrow it down to help you understand how far he can go to preserve your marriage. Ask him how he feels when you disagree with him and what he loves about you. Find out what he thinks about infidelity and why he wants to marry you. Pay attention to the answers.

Commitment is important because it determines how your partner will treat you and how stable your relationship will be.

3. What are your saving or spending habits?

The issue of money is very intricate and has led many to divorce. You need to know how much your man earns and whether he has a good credit history. Marriage is a financially tasking endeavor, especially if you plan to start a family immediately. Go on and find out how comfortable he is about borrowing money and what his interests are. You would want to marry a financially prudent man, and you may not achieve that if you don’t ask the right questions.

4. What are your career goals?

Instead of believing that you will enjoy quality time with your man after marriage, you need to ask him what his career goals are. You need to know what his job schedule is like and what his professional and career dreams are. You both need to discuss the possibility of working in different states or countries.

Also, inquire about how open he is to one of you being a stay-at-home parent. Knowing all of these and being open to changes will ensure that you both navigate your career goals smoothly while also enjoying quality time as a couple.

5. How do you express your anger?

You would want to know how your man reacts when he is angry because marriages are not immune to conflicts. How he reacts when he is angry determines how fast or easy you can resolve misunderstandings when they arise. You can go further to ask random questions about what annoys him about you? What does he consider unpardonable offense? Or just about any questions that will help you understand his conflict resolution skills.