Quartz Crucible Market Evolving Technology, Trends and industry Analysis – 2027

Quartz Crucible Market: Overview

Temperature resistant is one of the significant qualities of quartz crucible. Owing to the property, it is widely used in several processes involving the use of high heat. Some of the application of quartz crucible market are calcining or melting glass, pigments, and metals.

In addition, its thermal isolation feature makes it a perfect fit for application in semiconductor and solar industry. With rapid expansion of the solar and semiconductor industries, the global quartz is crucible market is anticipated to grow proportionally in coming years.

Further, increasing demand for semiconductor based consumer electronics has been boosting adoption rate of crucible quartz. The quartz crucible is also being used during ashing process. It assists in residual settlement of chemicals in the bottom, thus keeping the crucible free from any kind of contamination.

The upcoming report on quartz crucible market provides insights about various trend and drivers influencing growth of the market. The market intelligence report provides details about ongoing developments occurring in the market and how that will affect the market over the duration of forecast period (2019-2028). In addition, the report also covers various restraining factors, which may limit growth of the market in coming years.

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Quartz Crucible Market: Notable Developments

A research team from Washington State University is trying to develop solar cells using cadmium telluride (CdTe) material. The material could be produced rapidly. The production technique involves the use of high pressure furnace. CdTe feedstock material produced in the furnace is 45% cost effective and is scalable. Also, the crystalline material has better electrical properties for production of solar cell.



The furnace uses strong quartz crucible for synthesis of CdTe material.

Some of the key players operating in the Quartz Crucible Market are

  • Saint-Gobain
  • Advalue Tech
  • Lianyungang Sunlight
  • Solar Cera Co.Ltd.% o
  • Quartz Scientific Inc.
  • Zhonghuan
  • The Quartz Corp.
  • Ferrotec Solutions
  • Ningbo Boost
  • Jinglong
  • Huaer
  • Lianyungang Sunlight
  • Vesuvius

Quartz Crucible Market: Key Trends

Emerging communication technologies such as mobile phones and microprocessor integrated devices are semiconductor based. These mono-crystalline crystals are developed using silicon. Hence, rise in demand for smart phones, flash memory cards, tablets, and consumer electronics items has been explicitly boosting demand for single crystal silicon ingots. This, in turn, has fuelled the development process of new technologies associated with silicon wafers.

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Further, it is predicted that silicon material is polycrystalline silicon. This is due to impurity present in the polycrystalline silicon. As a result, demand for quartz crucible is also rising. It aids in providing low impurity single crystal silicon ingot, which are dislocation-free.

Quartz and silicon has varying thermal expansion coefficient. Thus, its reuse may lead to mechanical stress. Further, this would cause crystalline defects, resulting in crucible cracking. Thus, reusability of quartz crucible is a prominent restraining factor. This may limit the application of quartz crucibles in the semiconductor market.

Quartz Crucible Market: Regional Analysis

Asia Pacific market is anticipated to hold prominent market share in the global quartz crucible market. In Asia Pacific market, China and India are two major share holders. In fact, as per a report, the semiconductors market in these countries accounted for almost 29% of the global market share in the year 2015.

Growth in quartz crucible market in Asia Pacific region is attributed to increase in disposable income, rising demand for consumer electronics, and application of semiconductor materials for the purpose of communication and data processing. As a result, the quartz crucible market is also anticipated to expand at a lucrative rate in coming years.a