Push notifications: can they help you capture records?

The push notifications are instant messages that are sent from a remote to mobile devices (smarthones or tablets), desktops or laptops server. To receive them you must have an application or software installed.

Almost all of us receive some kind of push notification on a daily basis, the best known example being WhatsApp messages. Would you like to know how to use them in your marketing strategy? Keep reading!

The use of push notifications has been extended to various fields , including content marketing and inbound marketing , to  notify the user of new content published on a website or blog like Blue World City and that may be of interest. 

Precisely this possibility I will talk in detail throughout this post. Are you going to miss it?

Push notifications and content marketing

The purpose  of alerting the user through a push notification of the availability of new content is, above all, to help capture more records or leads  interested in the content offered on the blog.

In addition, the idea of ​​these notifications is to convert each new content into a promotion or alert that helps us nurture these leads of valuable content and, in this way, become qualified leads (more prepared and mature people to acquire some of our products or services).

Advantages of push notifications for content marketing

The main advantage is that an impact message is generated in the user : short, direct and easy to read, which usually causes an instantaneous reaction in the users.

Another advantage is its effectiveness : there are studies that place 5-7% increase in the conversion rate of leads through this strategy.

It is a very versatile system , since it allows us to easily create notifications that incorporate links that can be clicked by the user . This is a perfect opportunity to take you to a landing page ( landing page where you can leave your data on a form in exchange for downloadable content or a discount or promotion like Capital Smart City Islamabad landing page).

To this we must add that it is a cheap and easy to install system: the cost is less than an SMS and no additional software is needed to implement the notifications.

Finally, we will point out that push notifications have a number of advantages over email marketing campaigns : the subscription is faster, the message reaches the user in a more direct and simple way (since it is not necessary to open the email) and calculates that campaigns for notifications receive an average of 30% CTR (click on the web after receiving the message), which corresponds to 15 times more than an email marketing campaign . That is not little!

Disadvantages of push notifications

The main disadvantage of push notifications is that they do not allow us to obtain personal data in a direct way . This is a major inconvenience, since we will not obtain the data of the users subscribed to our blog through push notifications to be able to track them.

However, once the user performs a new action in our articles or landings, we can obtain data. Therefore, its function is still interesting.

Another drawback is that for  some people notifications can be annoying or intrusive , are they for you?

How do push notifications work?

The operation of push notifications is as follows: when a user visits our website or blog on their mobile device or computer (desktop or laptop) , a window suddenly appears asking if they want to subscribe to push notifications . 

From here, it is possible to program material so that it arrives automatically . This will be shown as in the following image, even with the device screen locked:

pushcrew-chrome-push-notification @ 2x

You can also make personalized notifications , as well as segmentation of your users based on their page views, their type of device, location, etc.

Some tools even allow you to perform  A / B Testing  to know what type of notifications impact users the best. What if you try it?

Tools available in the market

There are several tools, some of them free, so you can easily implement your push notifications and, in this way, promote your content and capture a greater number of leads. Next we compare OneSignal , PushCrew , PushUp Notifications and Pushify .

How to install push notifications on your blog

The configuration of the PushCrew tool is very simple and intuitive, in the following video tutorial I explain step by step how to carry it out.

Push notifications: a simple and direct system to get and qualify leads

The advantages inherent in push notifications, originally limited to sending messages to the user when their device was not operational, are being extended to other areas, including content maketing .

The main advantage of this type of notifications is that they allow to effectively promote new content of interest to the user , get more leads and nurture them of valuable content, which helps to qualify them and end up turning them into customers.

Various studies have shown greater effectiveness of this type of messages compared to traditional emails . Push notifications get very high percentages (over 30%) in terms of user clicks on the web or landing page through the link included in the notification. This fact compensates for the disadvantage of not being able to obtain data directly through them.

The installation and configuration of notifications is simple and can be done with intuitive online tools and, sometimes, free in their basic versions. In addition, some of them even allow test tests.

Despite its advantages, it is important to implement push notifications always based on a strategy , without abusing them so that the user does not see them as annoying and intrusive. It makes sense, don’t you think?

In your case, do you use push notifications in your sales and marketing strategies? Have you co

nsidered using them to give greater visibility to your content strategy? It is possible that yes but you do not know exactly how to do it or have doubts. If so, do not hesitate to ask me in the comments section and, with pleasure, I will try to help you.