Incredible happenings are occurring worldwide: different medical cosmetic treatments and other solutions used for getting required results. Modern techniques and methods are serving the people in the best regard. It is now possible for aged people to look younger with different treatments.

About Botox

Many people around the world are trying Botox to reduce their facial wrinkles. According to the experts and surveys, more than 70% of people satisfied with the results of Botox they used yet. Botox approved after a few medical tests and used as medical treatment from 1989. They were considering Botox injections as legal was a big battle. Food and drug administration in 2002 did not approve it a drug which used for cosmetics.

Why use Botox?

Dermatologists research different treatments and substances, which may help in resolving the issues of the people. Botox is the protein distributed by the American pharmaceutical company. It used in the 1980s for the sake of treating eye spasms. But now it used for many other purposes. The most common reasons for using Botox mentioned below:

  • Feel and look younger
  • Results are visible within days.
  • Its approved, safe and effective method
  • Does not make you look like fake
  • No downtime
  • No anesthesia
  • No surgery
  • Prevent against wrinkles
  • Chronic migraines
  • Overactive bladder
  • Excessive sweating
  • Eyelid Muscle spasms
  • Upper limb spasticity

No matter either male or female is looking for Botox treatment. The thing they need is quality service. Not anyone can provide the service of Botox. There only need an expert and experienced one who better knows what to do and when to do.

Pros of using Botox

no doubt, the use of Botox treatment is now growing day by day. It may be due to its various benefits. a list of all such common benefits of Botox treatment given below:

  • Simple and quick

Botox provides the best and immediate results. It is the main reason that pulls people toward Botox treatment instead of any other.

  • Safe and invasive procedure

The treatment of Botox is not much risky and dangerous as others. It considered the safest and invasive procedure for reducing wrinkles.

  • Effective treatment for eyes, forehead wrinkles

It is now possible to get rid of old age wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. With Botox, people can remove their eyes wrinkles.

  • It’s temporary

The treatment of Botox is temporary. It does not leave long-lasting effects on the particular area of the face like other treatments.

  • Just not for celebrities

Botox treatment is now affordable, so that it is not only for celebrities only. Now people who can afford the nominal price or cost of the Botox can go with it.

  • Stop excessive sweating

Botox used for the sake of reducing excessive sweating. Not everyone likes the excessive sweating quantity so, they go for Botox treatment.

Cons of using Botox

The Botox treatment doesn’t need to suit everyone. There may be different side effects that occur as a result of the Botox treatment. A list of all such cons given below:

  • Risk of permanent paralysis

The Botox mostly injected in particular places. That’s why there may be a risk of some sever happening like permanent facial or body paralysis. So, one must take care of all these.

  • Allergic reactions

There may be different side effects like allergic reactions on the area of the body where Botox injected. It does not always happen, but such reactions occur. Severe allergic reactions may cause skin damage or skin rashes.

  • Painful way

Injecting any substance to any part of the body is always painful. So, it is hard for someone to consider injecting on the face near eyes and lips. Even the Botox also injected into the forehead to remove the wrinkles on and around it.


The above content summarizes that the use of Botox is increasing around the world. There may be different reasons for using them. The core purpose of using Botox is its magical power of removing wrinkles quickly. In addition to the benefits, there are many of the cons which result in the case of Botox treatment. One must be careful about the dosage of the Botox going to inject.